Nancy M. Young: Dec. 30, 2017

Published 1:07 pm Tuesday, January 2, 2018

John Greene to join Public Health
John Greene has announced that he will be leaving his position as coordinator of the Schley County Family Connection in January. He’s accepted a position as regional coordinator for the Georgia Department of Public Health to promote child safety training and development in the Columbus Region 8 which encompasses 17 counties.
Georgia has been awarded a longtime grant through the Governor’s Office for Highway Safety for programs to promote child safety throughout the state. The Georgia Department of Public Health hired eight regional coordinators to implement the program. This program is like the Georgia Family Connection, and Georgia is the only state with this program.
John’s office will still be in Schley County. He said he hopes to continue to help the Family Connections and Collaborative to complete the plans and help find a new coordinator.
John said he has enjoyed being the Schley County coordinator during the past 11 years. He said the past two years have been successful in fundraising and grants implementation.
The Child Passenger Safety Program has really been a big success in Macon, Schley, Sumter and Taylor counties. John said that he would take the credit for such a success with the Child Passenger Safety Program in the four counties and implement it throughout Region 8.

The Church International entertains seniors
The Church International provided holiday cheer to the Senior Citizens Center on Dec. 19 with special activities led by the pastor, Jesse Carson.
They entertained about 25sSeniors at the Ellaville City Center with games, Christmas ornaments, and a variety of hands-on activities or each senior to enjoy.
Carlene Beckwith, manager of the Senior Center, said she didn’t know who enjoyed this special event most, the seniors or the youth.
The youth sang a variety of Christmas songs. After the entertainment everyone enjoyed a delicious meal of homemade chili and butternut cake.

Yard of the Month for December
The Ellaville Rainbow Garden Club has presented the Yard of the Month for December award to Hershel Spence and placed in the sign in his yard.
Hershel has always had his yard all decorated up for Christmas for the holidays. His nativity scene is so touching. Everything glows with all the lights placed in the yard.
This award made Hershel’s day.

Happy New Year to all
Readers and friends, I wish each and every one of you a very Happy New Year. As we all go through the year of 2018, I hope and pray that our hearts will be filled with love, faith and care for others. Let us all work together to remember God and all He has done for us.
— Nancy McMath Young, Bobby and               Frederick Young