Nancy M. Young: Jan. 6, 2018

Published 10:31 am Monday, January 8, 2018

Ellaville United Methodist Church holds Christmas Eve service
At 5 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 24, a lovely Christmas Eve Candle Light and Communion Service was held at the church.
The Rev. Jonathan Beckum opened the service with prayer, and special Christmas songs were sung by the congregation.
As people entered the sanctuary, they were all given candles that were used later in the service.
A special reading for the Christmas candles was done by Carol Streetman and as she finished each candle’s verse, Burnette Streetman lighted each candle on the altar.
Lovely Christmas music was played during Communion. The music was provided by Mary Nan Pilcher on the organ and Judy McClellon on piano.
At the end of the service all candles were lighted and the lights were all turned off for this special part of the service.
The reverend dismissed the service with prayer.
A large congregation was present for this special service at Ellaville United Methodist Church.

Christmas Eve shared with family, friends
A special Christmas Eve tradition was held at Bobby Young’s home on Sunday, Dec. 24.
For years, Wilbur and Vicki Justice have joined the Youngs on Christmas Eve. They came, as always, and family members came also. Mary (TuTu) Calhoun and Ginny Calhoun joined us on this special Christmas Eve.
Supper was served as well as desserts for this special occasion, and gifts were also exchanged.
This is a special night of the year that all of the Youngs look forward to having each year, especially with friends that seem like family members to join us in love and celebration of Christmas.

Community saddened at death of community member
Our community is so sad to have heard of the death of Margaret McMickle Gooding of Ellaville.
Margaret was born here in Schley County 94 years ago and was truly loved here by everyone.
She served in the U.S. Navy doing World War II. She was a member of the Thomas Edwin Wall Post 191 American Legion in Ellaville. She taught school for years and then opened up the Gingerbread House. She was a member of the Ellaville United Methodist Church and a member of the Ellaville-Schley County Historical Society.
Margaret was always ready to help anyone at any time. She was married to the late George Gooding and they had three children.
The community will surely miss her.

Wilbur Justice family celebrates with a big Christmas Eve luncheon
Wilbur and Vicki Justice have always celebrated Christmas Eve ever since their sons have married so they could be together at night. But this year their two granddaughters have married and they were to go to their husbands’ family that night so everyone meet at noon on Christmas Eve day.
Vicki served a delicious meal as always. Everyone enjoyed it so much that they stayed and ate again before going home.
Those that attended were Caleb and Rebecca Justice and their children Conner and Madelyn Justice of Macon, Mary Katherine Justice Carrano and husband Sergio Carrano, Anna Justice Sims and husband Keith Sims, all of Columbus, Jason and Dawn Justice and their girls Liberty and Dixie Justice, Brian Justice, Jo Patterson and the hosts.