SGTC QEP Team Hosts ‘Finals Survival Guide,’ study session

Published 12:46 pm Saturday, January 13, 2018

Staff Reports

AMERICUS — In preparation for final exams, about 30 South Georgia Technical College (SGTC) students joined in the Student Center in Hicks Hall to hear study tips and tips on avoiding stress from SGTC instructors recently.
The READ (Reaching Every Academic Dream) QEP Team hosted the session to help students prepare for their final exams. READ QEP Team members, Raven Payne and Michelle Seay, Ed.D., led the discussion.
Payne, an English instructor at SGTC, began the “study session” by giving students a few tips on how they can improve their study habits. Payne told students to set apart a time of their day for studying — but only in 30-minute blocks. She explained that when studying, the human brain retains information from the first 15 minutes and from the last 15 minutes of study session. Additionally, when that 30 minutes is up, Payne explained, students should step away from the books to give their mind a break.
She provided students with a few other tips that included sitting in a comfortable, non-distracting environment to study, breaking material up into smaller segments, starting with a textbook and notes first and using available resources like tutors and the library.
The topic then turned to a related subject — managing and avoiding stress during finals week.
SGTC psychology instructor, Seay provided students with tips to reduce their stress during finals week. She told students to have confidence in their ability, to avoid procrastination, stop negative thinking and to set achievable goals.
By doing these and several other small tips that she recommended, Seay said students should enter finals week ready to succeed.