Sumter Cycling to have their Winter Warm Up Ride this Saturday

Published 1:28 pm Monday, January 29, 2018

By Staff Reports


AMERICUS – Sumter Cycling will be hosting a Winter Warm Up ride on Saturday, February 3 at 9:30 a.m.

Riders can choose whether they want to ride 9, 17, 31 or 52 miles. This will give a chance for riders to meet other fellow cyclists and enjoy a time of food and fellowship following the rides.

The rides will begin at Pat’s Place on South Lee Street in Americus. All riders will start out together, but will break off into smaller groups, depending on the distance chosen. These rides are all non-drop, meaning that riders will not be left to ride alone. For those going the longer distances, there will be a rest stop in Plains, GA. At the rest stop, riders can refill water bottles, take a restroom break and enjoy a snack before heading back into Americus.

Once the rides have been completed, riders can return to Pat’s Place for a light lunch, sponsored by Sumter Cycling. If any rider finishes before other groups, they can simply enjoy the food at Pat’s.

Sumter Cycling is a local biking organization that focuses on safety and education. The organization also focuses on advocacy for safer biking communities, promoting biking for fun, fitness and transportation and bicycle tourism in the region.

For more information on upcoming events, those interested can go to the Sumter Cycling website at or go to the organization’s Facebook page at