Our opinion: Ozzy needs our help; please give

Published 3:19 pm Monday, February 5, 2018

On Wednesday’s front page, there was a story about a little dog who was abandoned at a closed animal shelter and found on a night in December when freezing rain was falling.
Fortunately, the young dog was found in time and rescued, and has been named Ozzy.
As one can see by the dog’s face, he has an old soul, but if the $4,000 can be raised, he has a chance for a happy and healthy life. Ozzy requires surgery to repair his Achilles tendon so he can regain complete mobility. Orthopedic specialists can repair his injuries at Auburn University’s Teaching Hospital.
We know that people here, and across the globe, are givers and lovers of animals. We also know that Americus and Sumter County, especially, is filled with people whose hearts will be touched by Ozzy’s story. The people here have always been known to open their hearts and pockets to help a good cause. We believe Ozzy is certainly one of those.
Since the story was published in the Times-Recorder and posted on our website and Facebook page, as of noon Friday, almost $3,000 has been raised. We are hoping that the rest will come quickly as a decision must be made about Ozzy’s surgery soon.
Ozzy and his foster mom, Ruth Olson of the Sumter Humane Society, were guests at the Friday meeting of the Americus Kiwanis Club. Ozzy is a true rock star. Everyone wanted to come up and look at him. say something to him and pet him. He seems to really enjoy the kindness of people. Since he was rescued, he has received the love and attention that was not forthcoming in his former life.
The Bible teaches us, among other life lessons, that whatever you do to the least, you also do to Jesus Christ. The person who dumped poor Ozzy most likely had no other choice, or thought they didn’t. Then again, perhaps they just didn’t care. But if the rest of us can give a little or a lot, Ozzy can live a long and happy life, a quality life with someone who does care, someone who will love him unconditionally. St. Francis of Assissi, patron saint of animals, would approve, most assuredly.
Please join us in raising the funds for Ozzy��s surgery. You can mail your donation to the Sumter Humane Society, 108 Industrial Blvd., Americus GA 31719 or visit www.sumterhumanesociety.org or their Facebook page.
Time is of the essence, as Ozzy’s chance to walk again must be accomplished in the next month or so. Let’s all get behind Ozzy. Please. He needs our help.