Time for South Georgia Native Plant, Wildflower Symposium

Published 9:54 am Thursday, March 22, 2018

At this time of year, our thoughts are occupied with many seasonal gardening tasks and obligations:  to prune or not to prune?  Plant the roses or the vegetables?  Will the herbicide harm the butterflies or other pollinators?
While pondering your garden and landscape, please take the time to consider this:  What will you do this year to learn more about gardening?  What educational events will provide information to help you do a better job of taking care of your own landscape, your community, the environment?  How can you be better informed, so that you can make better choices and decisions?
The South Georgia Native Plant & Wildflower Symposium is an excellent, award winning educational event! Mark your calendar now to be in Tifton on Wednesday, March 28, 2018.  Speakers will be presenting topics that are of high priority with concerned gardeners:  importance of beneficial insects, native plants for beauty and conservation, the reason native plants are so critical.  Come and be prepared to learn something new to take back to your home and your community. Visit the website www.sgnpws.org  for more details, and to print the registration form.  The cost is $45, which includes lunch.  You must preregister to be included for lunch.
In addition to great presentations, there will be educational displays, beautiful botanical prints for sale, a native plant sale and a walk through the Coastal Plain Research Arboretum. The Coastal Plain Chapter of Georgia Native Plant Society will meet after the last presentation. Mark your calendar and set your GPS for  Georgia Museum of Agriculture, 1392 Whiddon Mill Road, Tifton, GA (formerly known as the Agrirama).  It is an excellent place to gather with old – and new- friends; to share ideas and to be encouraged by avid and experienced gardeners.  www.sgnpws.org, or call 229-391-6868, or email abcarter@uga.edu

for more information.  See you in Tifton!