SCMS and Furlow Charter tennis teams compete

Published 2:13 pm Friday, March 30, 2018

AMERICUS – The Sumter County Middle School tennis teams took on Furlough Charter on Saturday, March 24, at Americus-Sumter High School.

ASH Varsity head coach Carl Willis supervised the event. He said that at this level, it’s all about fun and learning to love the sport. “At this age, it’s about enjoying the sport. I’m more on the developmental side,” Willis said. “We’re here to have fun so these kids can grow to love the sport of tennis.”

The day began with a warm-up period, followed by some competition. Here are the results of the Sumter County Middle School boys matches:  Willie Buts won his match 5-0. Kylan Harvey was able to win his match 5-1. Connor Landers won a hard-fought match 5-3, and Dillingham Hudson won an extremely hard-fought match 5-4.

Left to right back row: Rebecca Ingle, Teigan Pepito, Justice Yarborough, Courtney Dew, Savannah Gillam, Melanie Wooden, Coach Michael Pepito
Left to right front row: Audrey Simmons, Nevaeh Anderson, Caroline Campbell, Georgia Wooden, Tabitha Pritchard, Lasia Walkes, Kendall Mann.
Photo by Ken Gustafson


SCMS tennis player James Landers in action.
Photo by Ken Gustafson

On the girls’ side, Teisan Pepito won her match 5-1. Rebecca Ingle won a hard-fought match 5-3. Savannah Gilliam overcame her opponent 5-2. Justice Yarbrough won her hard-fought match 5-4, Carolina Campbell won her match 5-1.

Furlow Charter’s Olivia Harper won her match 5-2.
Photo by Ken Gustafson

For Furlow Charter, they were successful as well. On the boys’ side, Andrew Kuipers won his match 5-0. Isaac Harper shut out his opponent 5-0. Chandler Lyles won a hard-fought match 5-4, and Martin Kostov won 5-1.

On the girls’ side, Addis Drinnon won her hard-fought match 5-4. Olivia Harper took care of business in her match, winning 5-2, and Emily Farr closed out the girls’ competition with a win by the score of 5-1. “We’re expecting to get some experience,” Furlow Charter coach Michael Batts said.

Courtney Dew in action for Sumter County Middle School.
Photo by Ken Gustafson

“We’ve got kids that haven’t played a whole lot, but we’re getting some experience. We’re starting to play teams that are a little bit better than us, but it’s making us better. We’re looking forward to next year. It will be our third year of Middle School, so we’ll have some kids moving up from eighth grade to high school next year. We’ll be gaining another grade so it will be ninth, tenth and 11th, so hopefully next year, we’ll maybe getting a JV, maybe varsity.”