Leila S Case: Much ado in many quarters

Published 2:52 pm Saturday, April 14, 2018

I’m always amazed at the high level of intelligence of the students in our local schools both public and private. Not only are they smart academically but creative and talented.
Every time I have the opportunity to visit schools I’m duly impressed with the efficiency and manner in which they operate, the cleanliness of the buildings and the warm welcome and politeness extended by the students and staff.
All this to say, for the past 20-plus years I’ve had the chance to have direct contact with schools and students through various patriotic service projects I’m involved in — these programs are another tool or approach to educate young people on the history of our country and stir their patriotism. Some are essay contests directed for high school students, and two other programs for elementary grade students.
Each program has different formats but all are worthwhile that benefit the students, teachers as well as me. In fact, I feel like I have won the golden ring — the medal or scholarship — whatever award is given at the conclusion. Next time you’re asked to volunteer with a project benefiting school students, please consider saying yes. You’ll be the winner. I assure you.
Hats off to the many, many people involved in organizing the second annual Hot Glass, Craft Beer Festival downtown last weekend; it was a tremendous and very successful event. The overcast clouds with a threat of rain sure didn’t keep anyone away. There wasn’t a parking place available in a six-block square radius of Rylander Park and Lenny’s Market. Whew — 1,600 folks came from near and far to watch the glass-blowing demos, sip craft beer and best of all visit with one another.
Kudos y’all. Can’t wait till next year’s event.
Among the throng of more than 1,000 that did find parking places and enjoy the festivities were Angela and Rene Smith, Mark and Anne Barrett, Chris and Meg Usry, John and Tiffany Dean, Elizabeth Warnock, Kim Christmas, Donna Minich, Candy and Lou Riccardi, Reba and Sam Hunter, Rick and Genie Powell, Darrell and Chandler Morgan, Neal and Kristi Weaver, Logan and Chelsey Collins, Nick Owens, Marylynn Joiner, Morgan Whaley, Meredith and Clay Owen, Jerry Hillhouse, Charlene McGowan, Tommy Thompson, David and June Ewing, Chance Westra, James Sizemore, Rucker Smith, Susan Young, Charles Crisp, Henry Crisp, Laura Bauer, and at least 975 more.
It was a reunion of sorts for many of those attending the impressive 20th anniversary of the National Prisoner of War Museum at Andersonville National Historic Site last Sunday afternoon. Among those I saw were Jim Covington, who had a part on the program, and his wife Vickie, Randy Jones Sr., former Park Superintendent Fred Boyles and his wife Debbie, of St. Marys, Park Rangers Alan Marsh and Robert Seales and many of the former POWs and their families who were there for the Museum opening in April 1998, including Ranger Karen Barry who is still at the historic site.
The cake served afterwards in the Museum lobby really “took the cake” — it was an absolutely delicious 100-pound, three-layer pound cake baked, frosted and decorated by Americus caterer Christy Duke and fit for a celebration.
It was spring break for some last week and what fun I hear they had. Crystal Waddell and her mom Elaine Borders took Gage and Mary Margaret Waddell on an educational visit to Boston and surrounding areas where they visited many historic sites related to the Colonial era and founding of our country; the Southland Academy Raider Band led by director Rob Ivey traveled to the Hawaiian Islands where the band performed along with another high school band from Laurens, S.C., on board the USS Missouri and, of course, they all enjoyed sightseeing on the big island of Oahu. The 22 parents that accompanied had just as much fun as the students.
Shirley Litwhiler toured the Grand Canyon and the charming city of Sedona in Arizona with former residents and friends Duke and Brenda Jackson who now reside in Redmond, Washington. Shirley says the week-long trip was an excellent experience in dining and sightseeing and of course, renewing her long-standing friendship with the Jacksons. The weather was perfect and the tours, especially through the Red Rocks of the Sedona area.
Huge congratulations to Americus High School graduating senior Jessica Aycock who is the 2018 recipient of the DAR Medal which was presented to her at the Council of Safety DAR Chapter meeting Tuesday by Nancy Hayes, regent, and Beth Lane, treasurer.

Leila Sisson Case lives in Americus.