Leila S. Case: Remembering dad; celebrating a winner

Published 12:59 pm Sunday, June 17, 2018

Tomorrow is Father’s Day which means give dad more TLC than usual — the best piece of fried chicken, the largest slice of pie or cake and gift of your presence.
I am sure many of you looked up to your father for love and guidance and you thought he was the best pop of all others in the world. I know I certainly did. I so wish my kind and gentle father was still among us so we could shower him with love and kisses.
He taught me so many of life’s lessons throughout the years: how to ride a bike, roller skate, and drive are only a few of the things. We lived in Atlanta, so learning to drive there was kinda’ risky even though the traffic then certainly wasn’t what it is today — horrible. I think Daddy would be amazed to see how awful the city’s traffic has become and the overcrowded, convoluted Interstate system. It would please him to know the Interstate highway doesn’t intimidate me. I’d rather drive than ride along as a passenger. But that’s another story.
Because of the risk factor involved in learning to drive in the big city, Daddy insisted on my being 16 before he gave me lessons. That meant I had to wait still another year before I got my license — unlike my friends who were already driving — I was a little envious but didn’t squabble about his rule.
Daddy and I both survived that year of me being behind the wheel and he even managed to get in some math. “Leila,” he would say in a warning tone, “we’re riding down the road at 50 miles an hour and the ditch is five feet away. How long do you think it would take to land in the ditch if you don’t watch where you’re going?” I got his point. And I’ve been trying to stay on course since.
All of this to say if your dad is alive, please give him a hug and kiss. Oh, and don’t forget to let him have the best piece of fried chicken and largest slice of cake.
I know one poppa who is extra proud: John Carroll of Americus.
Caroline Carroll, John and Beth Carroll’s daughter, the reigning Miss Presidential Pathways, is among the contestants that have been competing in the 2018 Miss Georgia Scholarship Pageant at the RiverCenter in Columbus this week. Preliminary competition got underway Tuesday evening and Caroline walked away the winner in the Lifestyle and Fitness in Swimsuit category and a $200 scholarship. While the Miss America competition has said bye-bye to bikinis, Miss Georgia isn’t changing until next year and will rebrand to match the national event.
Caroline’s schedule has been exciting and jam packed this week beginning with the “Meet the Crowns” party and Miss Georgia Parade — never mind that it rained. Monday, she rehearsed and enjoyed the famous Princess PJ Party with other contestants and their princesses. Mary-Margaret Waddell of Americus is Caroline’s princess and has been on stage with her nightly. She performed her classical, but lively ballet en pointe dance to Hungarian Dance No. 5. Wednesday and Thursday evenings were the onstage question asked by the judges. The farewell luncheon was at noon Friday and the crowning of Miss Outstanding Teen 2018 Friday night.
Tonight is the big event — the crowning of Miss Georgia 2018. Good luck to Caroline, a fine and outstanding young lady. Great things are in her future. We wish her all the best.
Others at the RiverCenter cheering for Caroline are Faith Pinnell, Claire Peeples, Avery Hart, Beth and Dallas NeSmith, Ginger Perkins, Lindy White, former residents Lauren Edmunds Nolan, who emceed the preliminary completion, Kay Edmunds, Paige Satterfield Dudley, of Columbus, Angie Love and family, Mark and Crystal Waddell, their daughter, Mary-Margaret and son Gage Waddell, Crystal’s mom Elaine Borders and Everett Byrd.
Elsewhere, Mark and Anne Barrett and sons, John Barrett and Beau Barrett, enjoyed cruising the Caribbean Islands last week; and Anne is off again to Paris accompanying Ellen Hanson, who is going on business; John and Whitney Crisp are relaxing in Latin America; Andy and Lori Shivers and family enjoyed a week at the beach; and sadly wave and say so long to the Rev. Richard Nelson, priest in charge at Calvary Episcopal Church.

Leila Sisson Case lives in Americus.