SCS hosts Summer Migrant Education Program

Published 11:52 am Wednesday, July 11, 2018

AMERICUS — Maria Silva and Erica Vega, members of the Sumter County School’s Migrant Education Program (MEP), are delivering programs this summer to out-of-school youth living and working in the community. Summer programs are a pivotal element of MEP supplemental services. The summer time provides immense opportunities to extend learning and bridge any gaps caused by high mobility patterns and academic disruption during the regular school year.
The MEP is a federally-funded program designed to support comprehensive educational programs for migrant children to help reduce the educational disruption and other problems that result from repeated moves. Silva and Vega go where the youth are living and work with them on Sunday afternoons. They provide various lessons such as goal setting, how to stay healthy while working in the heat, and they are helping the youth learn English.
Vega said, “I must say that the lessons are going very well. The youth in attendance were very excited and eager to learn.”
At the end of the session, the youth requested that they want to continue with English lessons. The youth expressed their concerns that is very difficult for them to communicate without knowing the English language. When they go to a local restaurant, they said that it is very frustrating to place an order.

During the school year, Silva and Vega provide tutoring services, social services, and interpretation for the migrant students enrolled in Sumter County Schools. Vega works at the primary, elementary and intermediate schools, while Silva works at the middle, Ninth Grade Academy and the high school. They both work with three-year-olds in the homes helping them prepare for pre-kindergarten. They also work with and encourage students who have dropped out of school to either go back to school or to get their GED.