Magnolia Manor to grow, welcome new residents

Published 4:20 pm Tuesday, October 9, 2018

AMERICUS — As Americus’ premier home for senior adults, Magnolia Manor has been part of the community for over 55 years.
Magnolia Manor began in 1963, when the South Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church established a ministry to care for the elderly. From there, it grew to what Americus residents know now, expanding to eight different campuses with about 1,100 people on staff.
Though it may seem like the business has abundant staff and resources, President and CEO Mark Todd said they are looking to grow their staff, specifically with those in the nursing field. As the campuses grow, the need for those to care for the residents increases as well.
The need for employees is largely due to an influx of residents. Today, people wait longer to retire and move to communities like Magnolia Manor. This means that when they do decide to make the move, they are often in poorer health, which requires more medical care and staff.
“We always try to provide competitive salaries and an environment people are proud to work in,” Todd said. “We want to do everything we can to bring employees here.”
Growing in numbers is only a small part of the changes Magnolia Manor has seen since its beginning. The biggest challenge the facility has had to face is one that has impacted every workplace — technology.
Modern medicine has evolved so much that the medical equipment in all eight of Magnolia Manor’s campuses has been upgraded since its beginning. Residents are also equipped with computers and Wi-Fi in order for them to stay connected with their friends and families.
“Our residents are connected and require the same things that you and I require in our homes,”
Todd said. “It’s important to us that they feel comfortable here.”
Keeping residents comfortable is only part of Magnolia Manor’s mission. As a faith-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit, the organization wants to provide a community in which older adults can feel at home.
Magnolia Manor offers every kind of care senior adults could need, from independent living to hospital-like care. The seniors and their families can look at all their options and choose which option is best for them.
“Being a charitable, faith-based nonprofit forms the philosophy for everything we do,” Todd said. “It’s all about how we treat people and how we make them feel.”
Todd expects full support from the community during the growth that he expects to happen soon. He said the best way for Americus to help Magnolia Manor is to keep growing and opening businesses and bringing people here. The more residents move to the area, the more successful the economy overall will be, and the better Magnolia Manor can help its residents.
“Every organization has walls and a roof, but what sets us apart is what goes on inside these walls,” Todd said. “We want every resident to feel safe, at home and well taken care of.”
The Sumter County Chamber of Commerce thanks Magnolia Manor for their commitment and support of the mission of the Chamber. Platinum Trustee members are recognized as strong business leaders in the community because of their dedication, leadership and financial support in the economic development and continued success of Sumter County.