SCS 2019 Teacher of the Year announced

Published 10:21 pm Friday, November 2, 2018

Sumter County Schools held a ceremony Thursday the Rylander Theatre, recognizing all the Teachers of the Year from all the schools in the district, and announcing the system-wide Teacher of the Year, JoAnna Arnold of Furlow Charter School. Shown here are, seated from left: Michael Ryan, Sumter County Primary; Dina McCorkle, Sumter County Elementary; Emily Strickland, Sumter County Intermediate; LaTonya Asberry-Ivory, Sumter County Middle; Tamara Coley, Americus Sumter Ninth Grade Academy; Phoenecia Cummings, Americus Sumter High School; Arnold; and back row, from left: April Smith, principal, Sumter County Primary; Sharon Tullis, prinicipal, Sumter County Elementary; Renee Mays, principal, Sumter County Intermediate; Torrance Choates, superintendent, Sumter County Schools; Mae Mills, Sumter County Middle; Cindy Anglin, principal, Americus-Sumter Ninth Grade Academy; Kimothy Hadley, principal, Americus-Sumter High Schools; and Elizabeth Kuipers, principal, Furlow Charter School.