Drew Anderson: Small town, big God

Published 10:16 pm Friday, November 9, 2018

Where does faith in a big God and your small expectations collide in your life?
Many times, one of the greatest obstacles in our lives is a lack of faith in a big God. One of the most common critiques by Jesus of his disciples was that they had “little faith.” And usually it was not the size of their faith he was disappointed in, but whom they were placing their faith in. Instead of having faith in a big God they would place their faith in their small expectations.
In small towns, we are notorious for seeing the future through the lens of the past. Thus, things can only be as good (as successful, as profitable, as large, etc.) as they were in the past. This is especially true for many small-town Christians who perceive the changing times as detrimental to what has been — as opposed to seeing the future thru the potential of the redemptive power of our Savior.
So where in your life, in our town, or in our world, have your small expectations superseded your faith in a big God? Have you stopped believing in the transforming power of God in someone’s life because “that’s how they’ve always been”? Have you lost faith in God’s desire to grow His kingdom because your local church hasn’t seen a new believer in decades? Have you given up on reconciliation, healing, or revival because it just feels like God has become quiet and the world has become louder?
Then here’s your opportunity to discover the kind of faith the Scriptures talk about! In was faith that prompted Jacob to not let go of the angel until he was blessed. Faith emboldened Elijah to take on the prophets of Baal. Faith empowered David to fight Goliath. Faith gave Jeremiah and Isaiah vision to see a new day. Faith strengthened Paul to share the gospel while in prison. And the good news is this: that same faith is available to you!
So when faith in a big God and your small expectations collide in your life this week, choose faith. Allow God’s power, not your expectations, to be the measure with which you view the future. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll see a big God show up in a small town like Americus.

Drew Anderson is lead pastor or Sumter Chapel, a restart of Grace Community Church, Americus.