Our opinion: Never forget the message behind the celebration

Published 11:01 am Saturday, December 22, 2018

As we prepare to celebrate the most holy of days in the Christian faith — Christmas Day — let’s all remember to think of others who are less fortunate.
Not all will sit at tables of bounty to celebrate the birth of the Christ child. Some will go hungry; many will not even know it is the birthday of Jesus.
As families gather to unwrap gifts, many among us will awaken to just another day. The saddest truth is that most of these will be children. They are exposed to plenty all around them, 365 days a year, but Santa will have mysteriously overflown their chimneys without leaving anything.
Most tragic of all is that many among us do not even know the story of Christmas: that a child was born over 2,000 years in a lowly manger. That the child would grow into a man, a teacher, and a prophet. He would be known as King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Christ Almighty. His teachings would be embraced by some, shunned by others, just as it is today. He would be persecuted and cruxified, but would rise from the dead to bear the sins of the world and live forever, while offering those who believe in Him everlasting life.
That is the beauty of Christmas. If the Christ child had not been born, this world would still be steeped in darkness, ignorance and sin.
We hope that each and every one of our readers will have a warm, happy, and safe Christmas, without ever forgetting the reason we celebrate it.
God sent His only son to the earth to show us how to love. Let’s learn to love each other.