Southland Academy fifth-grade students culminate six-week study of 18th Century Colonial Period

Published 3:08 pm Saturday, January 5, 2019

AMERICUS — Southland Academy fifth-grade students enjoyed being transported back in time to the Revolutionary War period for the culmination of their six-week-long study of the 18th Century Colonial Period.
Dressed in long dresses, bonnets, and shawls, the young mistresses learned the art of mending, the language of the fan, and the etiquette of drinking tea. The young masters, who wore short pants, jackets, and tri-corner hats, spent time with the School Master becoming skilled in
deportment, gentleman responsibilities, and academic rigor, particularly in Latin and mathematics.
All of the students spent time churning butter, tinsmithing, making period appropriate crafts, and
playing period appropriate games. The students also enjoyed typical Colonial snacks throughout the day as well as lunch with their very own churned butter as a condiment.
One of the highlights of the day was a visit from native Georgia blacksmith Trenton Tye. Laura
Kinslow, Lower School director, said, “The students were captivated by Mr. Tye’s skill, knowledge, and authenticity. He enjoys spending time with young students, and his desire to share his craft and to expose students to his artistry was such a valuable experience for our
students. Mr. Tye’s willingness to answer questions, interact with the students, and to let the students feel the metal and the objects he made was a truly wonderful involvement for students and adults alike.”
The night-time activities were just as period appropriate. Continuing the dress and reenactment of the 18th Century, students attended an evening reception at a beautiful home lit only by candle light. The unknown wonders of the “nighttime event” left the students aware of the dangers that the colonists must have experienced; consequently, they were surprised and thrilled to take part in such a captivating night. At the night’s end, the students left with a sense of genuine understanding of the sacrifices our forefathers made to help us gain our independence as a nation. The celebration of Patriots Day is so much more than the facts and figures of a textbook. This day and night literally make history come to life for the students.
With the combined efforts of the Americus Town Committee of The National Society of The Colonial Dames of America, Georgia Society as benefactors of the Why America is Free curriculum, the Southland Academy faculty and staff, and the numerous parent and community
volunteers under the leadership of Lydia Ann Fowler and Laura Joyner, Southland Academy was able to provide this special day for the Southland fifth-grade students. For five years, this annual event has given Southland students an incredible learning experience plus many memories that will last a lifetime.