Sumter board of education recognizes Sumter Intermediate School

Published 1:26 pm Wednesday, January 23, 2019

AMERICUS — Torrance Choates, Ed.D., superintendent of Sumter County Schools, announced the December 2018 Board Recognition Program honorees from Sumter County Intermediate School. They are Sharon Wheeler, teacher; Crystal Coleman, support staff; David Prince, custodian; Rardricka Mitchell, parent volunteer; and Broderick Cobb, student. Renee Mays, Ed.D., principal of Sumter County Intermediate School and Jeffrey Boges, assistant principal, presented the honorees with tokens of appreciation from the school and Choates presented each with a certificate as Mays and Boges introduced each person and told a little about them.
Mays said, “I bring you greetings from 439 Bumphead Road. The home of 908 MVPs — 472 girls and 438 boys. We have 104 faculty and staff MVPs. It is with great pleasure and honor that we present our 2018-19 faculty and staff members, parent, and student.”

Sharon Wheeler, teacher
Wheeler completed her student teaching in Sumter County in 2008. She was hired the following school term. Dr. (Valerie) Roberts and I knew that it was something special about her and that she was going to be a great teacher. Guess what? Ten years later Mrs. Wheeler continues to teach in the Sumter County School System. Mrs. Wheeler taught third grade and currently serves as the gifted teacher for SCIS. She also teaches several classes of students that need learning support. Upon entering her classroom, there is no way that you can distinguish between the higher achievers and the students that are struggling. All students feel successful. Some of Mrs. Wheeler’s other jobs include her serving as a greeter in the morning to our students during car riders, directing the SCIS Morning Show, news updates, reminders, birthdays, AR and AM STARS. She is also a movie producer for the Georgia Movie Academy. Mrs. Wheeler is a native Schley Countian. She is married to the professional country music musician, Mr. Brandon Wheeler. Mrs. Wheeler enjoys spending time with her family especially her grandparents, Mr. Larry and Mrs. Ann Dillard, beauty shop visits and niece Emmy Reid, and nephew Reid. Mrs. Wheeler is truly the Sumter County Intermediate School MYP staff member because of her outstanding teaching skills and creativity for our school and students.

Crystal Coleman, support staff
I met Mrs. Coleman a few years ago, I was her third-grade teacher at Sumter County Elementary School. Crystal was a sweet and conscious student. Our paths crossed again, when I began to work at Sumter County Intermediate School. Mrs. Coleman serves as the school’s data clerk. However, she wears many hats such as the best pink lemonade maker and popcorn popper. She works hard and does not allow the word NO to be a part of her vocabulary. Due to Mrs. Coleman’s hard work and special skills, our school has had the best attendance record for the district for two consecutive years. On today, we received a certificate for the highest student attendance for the Sumter County School District. Mrs. Coleman reaches parents via cell phone, Facebook, relatives, etc. I do not know any family or agency in Americus or Sumter County that she cannot contact. On a personal note, Mrs. Coleman is married to Mr. Josh Coleman and they are the proud parents of two Sumter County students: Deandre, a ninth-grader, and Josyln a third-grader. Mrs. Coleman is truly the Sumter County Intermediate School MYP staff member because of her dedication and love for our school and students.

David Prince, custodian
Mr. Prince has been a custodian in the Sumter County School System for the past four years. He is a man of very few words and the owner of the one of the best smiles. However, his work ethics speaks volumes for him. His hallways are neat and clean. His work station is orderly. Mr. Prince is a native Sumter Countian. Mr. Prince is married to Mrs. Mary Emma Prince and is the father of three children. Mr. Prince is truly the Sumter County Intermediate School MYP staff member because he ensures that our faculty, staff, and students enter a clean and orderly environment each day.

Rardricka Mitchell, parent volunteer
Mr. Rardricka Mitchell is the father of two of the nicest Sumter County Intermediate School students. His daughters are fifth- and sixth-graders at our school. Mr. Mitchell walks his daughters into school on a regular basis. He is known as the Beta Club Parent of the Year because for the past two years because he attended all trips and served as a chaperone. Mr. Mitchell is married to Mrs. Melba Mitchell. They are the proud parents of Brooklyn and Phallen.
Mr. Mitchell is truly the Sumter County Intermediate School MYP parent because our students look up to him not because he is 6 foot 5 inches. but because he is a role model, leader, and great dad.

Broderick Cobb, student
Broderick Cobb is a sixth-grader at our school. He has the best spirit and is one of the happiest students in our building. He starts his day off with a smile and ends his day with a smile. He has such a pleasant demeanor. Mr. Cobb is a hard worker and enjoys his classmates. Broderick is son of Ms. Yolanda Hill and the grandson of Mr. Ertell and Mrs. Cherylle Henry. His favorite past time is playing games on his iPhone. He is very excited that his grandmother is planning to take to see the new movie, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” Broderick Cobb is truly the Sumter County Intermediate School MYP student because he was so proud when he found out that he was going to be a student at [the school]. I do not think that any student is more proud to be a member of the student body.