Real estate transactions: Feb. 6, 2019

Published 10:27 am Wednesday, February 6, 2019

AMERICUS — The following real estate transactions were recorded recently in the office of the Sumter County Superior Court. The dates published are the sale dates.
• Frances N. Whitaker of Atlanta sold property to Anne H. Peagler for $375,375. (11-16-18)
• Juliane T. Williams sold property at 621 E. Church St. to Jamie I. MacLennan for $31.150. (12-3-18)
• Gail Cresswell of Naples, Fla., sold property at 219 N. M.L. Hudson to Stacie T. Howard for $79,000. (12-3-18)
• Wingate aka Jonathan L. Wingate of Savannah sold property to Carysfort Reef LLC of Casper, Wyoming, for $5,900. (11-30-18)
• Wells Fargo Bank sold property at 414 W. Glessner St., to Deirdre A. Rawlings for $12,777. (11-13-18)
• Janey Phillips Nash aka Janey Phillips sold property wat 101 Country Club Road to Rhett B. Clark of Albany for $62,000. (11-3-18)
• Caroline B. Sanders sold property at 620 Adderton St. to Wanda Toms for $25,000. (12-7-19)
• David K. Ross Jr. sold property at 167 Mallard Lane to Jason B. Bolden Sr. for $196,000. (12-10-19)
• Daniel W. Smith and Sandra Treadaway Smith sold property to Brian V. Wilson for $180,000. (12-5-18)
• James Marvin Griggs Jr. of Preston, as executor of the estate of Eunice Anderson Griggs, sold property at 210 S. Bond St. to James E. Long Sr. of Gainesville, Fla., for $45,000. (12-13-18)
• Bennie Clark conveyed property to Jasmine Dice as a gift, (12-14-18)
• Juliane T. Williams sold property at 142 U.S. Highway 280 East to Lance A. Styck for $16,000. (12-17-18)
• Brian Heshizer of Columbus sold property at 210 Brook wood Lane to James Burke for $149,000. (12-17-18)
• Donald E. Faircloth sold property at 697 Burma Road to Trey J. Suttles for $170,000. (12-17-18)
• BMK Properties LLC of Presto sold property on Cherry Laurel Trail to Roberta A. Vaughn for $15,000. (12-19-18)
• The estate of Cecilia Tuck sold property at 1001 Douglas Circle to Jim Von Bramer for $33,200. (12-19-18)
• Leigh G. Williams of Cumming sold property at 302 N. Hampton St. to James L. Doggett for $90,000. (12-19-18)
• Kenton W. Kobs sold property to Blackjack Property Inheritance LLC of Winter Park, Fla., for $100,000. (12-19-18)
• Tyre Scott of Macon sold property at 356 Cornwell Road to Leonard C. Beasley for $96,500. (12-20-18)
• Ofelia Bergonio of Athens sold property at 545 E. Furlow St., to Delfino Belmontes for $30,000. (12-21-18)
• Tony Lee Turner of Vienna, as executor of the James Thomas Turner Jr. estate, sold property to Michael W. McGlamry of Valdosta for $140,000. (12-21-18)
• RJH Investments LLC sold 1.739 acres at Swett and Warren avenues to JST Partners LLC of Atlanta for $25,000. (12-21-18)
• Charles Sykes sold property at 126 W. Forsyth St. to Greg Quail of Venice, Calif., for $37,000. (12-21-18)
• Charles Hodges sold property at 363 Devoe Road to Robert L. High for $6,500. (12-11-18)