Real estate transactions: Feb. 9, 2019

Published 3:08 pm Saturday, February 9, 2019

AMERICUS — The following real estate transactions were recorded recently in the office of the Sumter County Superior Court. The dates published are the sale dates.
• Ardley Cusack III sold property at 623 Felder St. to Miguel A. Hernandez for $42,000. (12-27-18)
• Heather Franklin, fka as Heather Marie Castleberry of Warner Robins, sold property at 432 Brady Road to Hayleigh M. Jones for $48,000. (12-28-18)
• Hailey G. Felker sold property at 110 Woodcrest Court to Kelvin T. Coley for $96,000. (12-28-18)
• Citizens Bank sold property to Guthrie-Thomas LLC of Leesburg for $130,000. (12-28-18)
• Paul E. Powell sold property at 175 Vanessa Lane to Leatherbrook Holsteins No. 3 LLC for $90,000. (12-28-18)
• William H. Holloway conveyed property to Andersonville Guild Inc. (12-28-18)
• Tiny Seay Davis, by Darlene M. Mincy, attorney, conveyed property on East Forsyth Street to Hattie Thornton for $10. (12-27-18)
• Rickavin L. Bobbs conveyed property at 1116 N. Lee St., valued at $100,000, to Lashonda M. Bobbs. (12-16-18)
• Diane Warkoski conveyed property at 302 W. College St. to Diane R. Harrison. (12-20-18)
• Carolyn Bonner of Albany conveyed property to James L. Lassiter of Tampa, Fla. (12-26-18)
• Larry Aldridge Jr. and Sherronda Aldridge conveyed property at 121 Melody Lane, valued at $7,809, to Rural Ag Service, USDA, in a foreclosure. (12-4-18)
• The Secretary of the Department of HUD sold property to Madhavi Rental LLC for $40,150. (12-19-18)
• Hannah Luster conveyed property to Cornelius Luster as a gift. (12-14-18)
• Village Capital Investment LLC sold property to the Secretary of HID for $10. (8-7-18)
• Tyre Downs Scott, executor of the estate of L.W. and Bobby Edward Scott, conveyed property at 356 Cornwell Road to Tyre Scott of Macon. (12-20-18)
• Wendell C. Conner conveyed property to David G. Conner as a gift. (12-6-18)
• Michael R. Denham conveyed property on Quail Trail to Georgia Southwestern State University Foundation LLC. (11-28-18)
• James B. Williams of Wildwood, Fla., conveyed two parcels of property to Gloria S. Williams as gifts. (12-14-18)
• Lonnie Caine of Tallahassee, Fla., conveyed property on Laster Street to Lonnie Cain as a gift. (12-18-18)
• Florzell Paschal conveyed property at 425 Brown Small Road to Janie Roberts, et al, trustees of Old Corinth Missionary Baptist Church Inc. as a gift. (10-31-18)
• Trey J. Suttles conveyed property at 697 Burma Road to himself. (12-17-18)
• Sumter County Board of Education sold 9.289 acres to A.J.M.D. Realty LLC of Brooklyn, N.Y., for $150,000. (12-14-18)
• Julie L. Roberts conveyed .5 acres on Bonds Trail Road to Mae F. Merritt. (12-17-18)
• New Horizons Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sumter County conveyed property at 310 Crawley St. to itself. (12-4-18)
• Sycamore LLC of Albany conveyed property at 222 Wilson Battle Road to Stella Robinson. (3-12-18)
• David F. Williams sold 0.001 acre to Georgia Department of Transportation for $500. (12-5-18)