Real estate transactions: March 23, 2019

Published 2:46 pm Saturday, March 23, 2019

AMERICUS — The following real estate transactions were recently recorded in the Sumter County Superior Court Clerk’s Office. The date shown is the date of sale.
• Amanda G. Elliott of Gainesville, Fla., sold property at 215 Murphy Mill Road, to J. Shiver Properties LLC for $83,000. (1-30-19)
• The estate of Sam Coolige Cromer of Ellaville sold property at 631 Ga. Highway 49 North to Rebecca Cromer Gladden for $135,000. (1-29-19)
• Thomas L. Johnson of Andersonville sold 103 Church St. to Jeanette Arrington of Perry for $20,000. (1-24-19)
• Bayview Loan Servicing LLC, Coral Gables, Fla., sold property at 129 Charleston Drive to Last Generation REM LLC for $16,000. (1-25-19)
• The estate of Rose Ansley sold property at 115-A Fairway II Drive to Jose L. Caballero of Bay Harbor Island, Fla., for $48,000. (1-25-19)
• Vivian Gibson sold property at 121 Katherine Lane to Brandon Laetham for $80,000. (1-25-19)
• Ginger P. Frazier sold property at 450 Chambliss Road to G. Ramey, trustee of Palm Harbor, Fla., for $138,500. (1-25-19)
• The estate of Arnold D. Martin sold property at 206 Frieda Lane to Alfredo C. Lopez Garcia for $60,000. (1-24-19)
• Florence Harris Blanton sold property at 125 N. Hudson St. to Patsy Daniel Ritch for $51,800. (1-24-19)
• Lola M. Landrum of LaGrange sold property at 121 Sylvan Place to Jennifer L. Novak for $53,000. (1-23-19)
• Stewart Reed Jackson of Cobb sold property at 325-B Old Ferry Road to Michael J. Hatcher for $425,000. (1-23-19)
• Chasity Sanders, administrator for Karen Peggy Goodin’s estate, sold property at 903 A & B Ga. Highway 49 North to Gary Underwood Properties & Investments LLC for $80,000. (1-23-19)
• KBC Development Inc. of Sanford, Fla., sold property at 743 Old Andersonville Road to Jeff Mayo for $375,000. (1-17-19)
• Quitman Lee of Waycross sold property in Sumter County to Christopher Daniel Boyette Sr. of Tallahassee, Fla., for $250,000. (1-18-19)
• CRE Holdings-Foods LLC of Tifton sold property at 1202 Crawford St. to Burger Tigers LLC of Newnan for $1,408,200. (1-11-19)
• Jesse B. Williams Jr. Family Holdings LLC sold property in Sumter County to Akin Family Conservation Properties LLC of Vienna for $1,500,000. (1-14-19)
• Cumberland Group of Midway sold 7.454 acres to Jesse B. Williams Jr. Family Holdings LLC of Danielsville for $50,000. (1-14-19)