CannabisBPO, CannaTech, iCAN: Israel Cannabis expand partnership

Published 11:21 am Wednesday, April 17, 2019

AMERICUS — CannabisBPO, along with CannaTech and iCAN: Israel Cannabis, has announced the expansion of their partnership.
CannabisBPO began its partnership with CannaTech in 2018, providing customer support through its specialty multi-channel contact center services for their global cannabis conferences with solutions such as 24/7 live chat, email handling and outbound and inbound sales support. CannabisBPO’s customer support specialists emulate our client’s persona, as suggested by Sari Klaff, vice president of CannaTech, who recently commented, “I love the tone of your emails, and how you sound decidedly ‘CannaTech.’”
According to Saul Kaye, CEO of CannaTech/iCAN, “As the industry continues to mature, it is imperative to have an outsourced contact center solution that is experienced in the cannabis ecosystem. The expanded partnership with CannabisBPO is a key step in discussing what the customer experience side of our industry needs to look like. CannabisBPO is the thought leader helping our industry define the customer journey.”
Per Dan Berman, CEO CannabisBPO, “The CannaTech conference services have elevated the technology and scientific aspects of the cannabis marketplace. In partnership with iCAN, we are excited to lead the charge to provide scale and world class services to the global Cannabis industry.”
As a result of this expanded partnership, companies who are a part of the iCAN incubator will have the opportunity to access specialized contact center solutions at entrepreneur relationship rates. Berman added, “This is a great opportunity for CannabisBPO to work and collaborate with cutting edge companies while they are in the incubation phase. It is an honor for CannabisBPO to provide world class support to the innovators and leaders in the Cannabis industry.”

About CannabisBPO
CannabisBPO is a specialty provider of contact center services engrained in the cannabis ecosystem. It providea inbound and outbound contact center services in a 24/7 environment. Its core service channels are phone, chat, mail, email, text, and social media for sales, customer service, and technical support projects. It helps cannabis businesses drive sales and maintain brand integrity.

About iCAN: Israel-Cannabis
iCAN: Israel-Cannabis is building the Global Cannabis Ecosystem. iCAN is committed to accelerate Israel’s Canna-Technology industry, capitalizing on Israeli innovation and a leading cannabis regulatory environment to bring premier products to market. iCAN is powered by CannaTech, the premier international cannabis summit held annually in Tel Aviv, and around the world including London, Sydney, Hong Kong, and Panama to date, and Europe and Africa in 2019.

About CannaTech
CannaTech is the only medical cannabis event of its kind with a global focus that offers senior industry leaders, medical and scientific experts, and new ventures the platform to come together, drive innovation, form partnerships, and promote knowledge exchange.