Transportation grant opportunity for area schools to visit Andersonville NHS

Published 10:12 am Wednesday, May 8, 2019

ANDERSONVILLE — Area Title 1 schools are invited to partner with Andersonville National Historic Site (NHS) for the 2019-2020 Open Outdoors for Kids program. This grant program, funded by the National Park Foundation, will cover the cost of transportation for field trips to the park. Open OutDoors for Kids program focuses on providing unique learning opportunities and introducing national park sites to 4th grade aged students across America.
“I can still remember the excitement of exploring my first national park as a kid and it made me want to discover more,” said National Park Foundation President Will Shafroth. “I’m thrilled that our National Park Foundation grants make it possible for hundreds of thousands of kids to experience the wonder of parks for the first time, sparking a lifelong love for national parks.”
This past school year, Andersonville NHS partnered with Taylor County Upper Elementary School and Schley County Elementary School. Each school received a portion of the grant funds to help cover transportation costs. During a series of in-classroom and on-site visits led by park rangers, students learned about the Civil War and what happened at Andersonville. Each program met Georgia performance standards for Social Studies.
Area schools are emcouraged to contact the NHS to find out how they can partner for this grant. opportunity.