Your opinion: May 18, 2019

Published 10:55 am Saturday, May 18, 2019

It’s important to remember all of our law enforcement officers, those who have died in the line of duty, those who have retired, and those who continue to serve today. A good time to do this is during National Police Week, this week, but it never hurts to say “thank you” on any day.

Those who wear the uniform deserve respect, support, and appreciation. These men and women put their lives on the line every day, and are not doing it for the money. There is a commitment to service among the ranks. They are on duty to protect us and our property. They serve as much to prevent crimes from ever occurring, as to catch those who perpetrate the crimes.

During the Peace Officers Memorial Day ceremony Wednesday downtown, state Rep. Marc Morris, great-grandson of Americus Police Officer William R. Morris, who was killed in the line of duty on March 12, 1907, shared that it not only those who wear the uniform that serve, but also their families, as they never know if their loved one will return home safely at the end of each shift.

Morris also said that an attack on the law enforcement officer is an attack on the core beliefs of our nation and all that we hold dear.

We should not only say “thank you” those our local law enforcement officers — whether Americus Police Department, Sumter County Sheriff’s Office, Georgia Southwestern State University Public Safety, South Georgia Technical College Public Safety or Georgia State Patrol, and all others — we should pray for their safety every day, and pray for the sacrifices their families make as well.

Remember also that where order does not exist, there is chaos. Law enforcement officers take an oath to keep order and keep us all safe in the process.

We appreciate them all. Thank