Area beat: June 6, 2019

Published 3:53 pm Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Americus Fire & Emergency Services


(May 30-June 3)

  • Firefighters responded to 20 calls for medical assistance.
  • Firefighters responded to an alarm on Mayo Street. It was activated by food burning on a stove.
  • Firefighters responded to Americus Sumter High School, 805 Harrold Ave., to a false alarm.
  • Firefighters responded to Angus Drive to a report of wires down. They removed communications wires from the roadway.
  • Firefighters responded to Westside Drive for medical assistance, but were cancelled in route.
  • Firefighters responded to an alarm at Shiver Lumber Co., 720 W. Church St. Access was limited because of locked gates. Business owner arrived and they gained entry the sprinkler system and found that a valve inside the room had ruptured and activated the alarm.
  • Firefighters responded to a traffic accident in the parking lot at McDonald’s, 202 U.S. Highway 280 South.
  • Firefighters responded to Lake Ridge Drive as automatic aid to alarm with Sumter County Fire & Rescue. It was a false alarm.
  • Firefighters responded to Highland Drive to a report of a possible structure fire. The occupant told them the stove hood blew out smoke. No hazards were found and the occupant was advised to contact an electrician.



Americus Police Department



  • Johnny C. Barker, 44, of 702 Jackson Ave., Americus; terroristic threats and acts; jailed. (6-1-19)
  • Crystal J. Chatmon, 42, of 140 Lonnie Lane, Apt. 220, Americus; aggravated assault and possession of firearm or knife during commission of or attempt to commit certain felonies; jailed. (6-2-19)
  • Trevor S. Hall, 45, of 1111 Middle River Road, Americus; theft by shoplifting, obstruction of law enforcement officers, and probation violation; jailed. (5-29-19)
  • Clyde Larkins, 50, of 306-B Tabby Lane, Americus; criminal trespass; released on bond. (5-31-19)
  • Banita R. Lee, 18, of 911 Parker St., Americus; probation violation; jailed. (5-29-19)
  • Willie F. Lewis, 48, of Smithville; warrant executed; holding for Lee County. (5-28-19)
  • Reginald C. Mitchell, 25, of 950 Anthony St., Apt. 22-B, Americus; terroristic threats and acts, aggravated assault, and misdemeanor possession of marijuana; jailed. (5-26-19)
  • Wilbert Mitchell, 59, of 120 Reddick St., Americus; criminal trespass; jailed. (5-31-19)
  • Jeffery D. Shelley, 37, of Columbus; DUI, driving while license is suspended or revoked, and open container; jailed. (6-2-19)
  • Shante’ M. White, 28, of 505-B Bessie Mays Circle, Americus; financial transaction card fraud and misdemeanor theft by receiving stolen property; jailed. (5-30-19)
  • Devante B. Williams, 27, of 1034 Elm Ave., Apt. 12-E, Americus; misdemeanor theft by taking and criminal trespass; jailed. (5-27-19)


Georgia State Patrol Post 10, Americus



  • Kristy M. Kennedy, 43, of 749 Ga. Highway 153, Preston; DUI and headlight violation; released on bond. (6-1-19)
  • Joseph Walker, 68, of 436 Mayo St., Americus; seat belt violation and driving while license is suspended or revoked; released on bond. (5-30-19)


Schley County Sheriff’s Office



  • Raheem H. Boyd, 31, of Albany; hold for Schley County Sheriff’s Office. (5-30-19)



Sumter County Sheriff’s Office



  • Darius M. Bailey, 39, of 387 Lower Five Points Road, Americus; hold for Dougherty County Sheriff’s Office. (5-29-19)
  • Hakeem D. Barthell, 23, of 113-F Magnolia Court, Americus; felony probation violation; jailed. (5-30-19)
  • Willie C. Burton, 56, of Albany; driving while unlicensed, open container, failure to maintain lane, and seat belt violation; jailed. (5-25-19)
  • Craig L. Carruthers, 60, of Decatur; felony probation violation; jailed. (5-28-19)
  • James K. Champion, 33, of Snellville; speeding, knowingly driving motor vehicle on suspended/cancelled/revoke registration, failure to maintain insurance; released on bond. (5-26-19)
  • John W. Coe, 25, of 850 Flintside Drive, Cobb; misdemeanor possession of marijuana; released on bond. (5-25-19)
  • Christopher J. Coogle, 23, of 50 Pinefield Drive, Ellaville; probation violation’ jailed. (5-31-19)
  • Natalie C. Cromer, 33, of 89 Aster Circle, Andersonville; released to Dooly County Sheriff’s Office. (5-28-19)
  • Charles J. Croom. 44, of 375-C Memorial Mile, Americus; hold for Houston County Sheriff’s Office. (6-1-19)
  • Alonzo T. Jordan, 20, of 1304 Elm Ave., Spt. 12, Americus; criminal trespass, terroristic threats and acts, and obstruction of law enforcement officers; jailed. (6-3-19)
  • Jason J. King, 37, of Camilla; felony probation violation; jailed. (5-28-19)
  • Lakeisha N. Lundy, 39, of 715 Brooklyn Terrace, Americus; driving under the influence of drugs and obstruction of law enforcement officers; released on bond. (5-26-19)
  • Nicole D. Mable, 35, of 113 Lily Lane, Americus; hit and run; released on bond. (6-2-19)
  • Melissa N. Perigo, 32, of 357 Lower Five Points Road, Smithville; driving while license is suspended or revoked; jailed. (5-29-19)
  • Orin D. Perry, 44, of Leesburg; holding for Leesburg Police Department. (5-27-19)
  • Tyrone Robinson, 39, of 111 Holy Drive, Americus; stalking; jailed. (5-30-19)
  • Wayne B. Ruff, 60, of146 Rainbow Terrace, Americus; holding for investigation. (5-27-19)
  • Sean M. Ware, 27, of 246 Wiggins Road, Smithville; felony probation violation. (5-28-19)
  • Thomas C. Welch, 22, of 1218 Ridge St., Americus; criminal trespass; released on bond. (6-1-19)
  • Andrew B. White, 29, of 607 Jackson Ave., Americus; two counts of felony probation violation; jailed. (5-26-19)



  • Sharara N. Hubbard, 31, of Cordele; speeding (82 mph in a 55 zone). (6-2-19)
  • Mya N. Ingram, 28, of 138 Town Creek Circle, Americus; impeding traffic flow in a passing lane. (6-1-19)
  • Carmellia J. Thomas, 28, of 20-7 McCoy St., Americus; speeding. (6-1-19)
  • Cristina R. Wright, 32, of Leesburg; speeding (80 mph in a 55 zone). (6-3-19)