GSW nursing program offers guarantees for high school students

Published 1:34 pm Saturday, June 22, 2019

AMERICUS — Georgia Southwestern State University’s (GSW) Guaranteed Acceptance Program (GAP) offers guaranteed admission into GSW’s nursing program for a select number of exceptional high school seniors and a $1,000 on-campus housing scholarship. Currently, there are 51 incoming freshmen applicants for Fall that have been accepted into this unique program.

First launched in 2012, GAP gives high school students priority acceptance over other applicants and support during their pre-nursing studies. Beginning in the fall, new GAP students will receive a $1,000 on-campus housing scholarship that can be renewed for one year. Applications for the upcoming Fall semester will remain open through Aug. 9.

“Admission to nursing programs is very competitive across the country, and most are unable to admit all qualified applicants,” said Sandra Daniel, Ph.D., dean of the College of Nursing and Health Sciences. “Students who are accepted into the GAP program have the assurance, from the moment they are admitted as freshmen, of full acceptance to the nursing program if all admission criteria are satisfactorily met. They do not have to apply to multiple nursing programs or worry about being waitlisted for admission.”

Farrah Sechrist, a GSW senior nursing major and GAP student, said the Guaranteed Acceptance Program was one of the biggest reasons she chose to attend Georgia Southwestern.

GSW senior nursing major Farrah Sechrist, of Tifton, noted, “GAP was one of the biggest reasons that I chose to attend Georgia Southwestern. I had been accepted to many different colleges in Georgia with great nursing programs; however, only GSW offered GAP.”

“Nursing schools are quite competitive, so becoming a GAP student took a lot of pressure off my shoulders,” said Sechrist. “I absolutely love GSW’s nursing program, so I am forever thankful GAP led me to that decision.”

One incoming GAP student, Bailey LaGrone, from Cordele, spoke of her dreams of becoming a nurse. “As a child, I was always in and out of hospitals due to a medical diagnosis. The nurses were always so caring and loving. I could tell they loved their jobs and truly cared about getting me better. Seeing this and experiencing it made me realize that I wanted to give back and help people get better just like those nurses did for me.”

LaGrone said college will be a huge transition from high school, one that the GAP program will help her through. It will give her the motivation to stay on track and on top of her classes. It will help her strive for good grades, since there are requirements for students accepted into GAP.

Another incoming GAP student, Ansley Summerlin, of Leesburg, stated she has always strived to help people, and GSW is helping her fulfill that dream one class at a time. “This opportunity will allow me to have a spot in a very competitive program, which I am forever grateful for.”

In addition to guaranteed acceptance into Georgia’s Top 10 Nursing Program, GSW’s GAP allows pre-nursing students an opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the GSW nursing community early in their collegiate careers, including an invitation to join GSW’s Association of Nursing Students (GSWANS) and events to help GAP students transition into college life.

GSW’s recent nursing program expansion will open an additional 40 seats in the program each spring, allowing GSW to guarantee spots in the nursing program to even more GAP high school students.

High school seniors admitted to GSW as beginning freshmen who do not meet the GAP requirements or who are denied admission to the GAP program will still be listed as “pre-nursing” majors and may apply to the College of Nursing and Health Sciences during their sophomore year at GSW.

To apply for GAP and view admission requirements, visit