Your opinions: July 13, 2019

Published 10:38 am Thursday, July 18, 2019

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Approves Leigh Bell series

Just wanted to take a moment and tell you how much myself and my family enjoyed the five series of articles on the Leigh Bell death. We never knew all the details that were covered in your articles. It was nice to finally hear some of what took place, and you did an excellent job of covering that.

Your boss should be proud of you for such an informative series. Perhaps he would allow a final article on how Mr. Gignilliat died as well. Some people do not even realize how he died, or his arrests after the death of Leigh Bell either.

Debra D. Sloan



Thank you for writing Leigh Bell series

Wow, I have lived in Americus all of my life and even after the trial and all was over, no one ever covered what really happened or any details from this death.

You did an excellent job and myself and many people in Americus, Ga., really appreciate the extent you went to, to get these details. I am 91 years old, (legally blind) and my daughter had to transfer all your articles to a huge font for me to be able to read them. I am dictating this letter to her to type because I wanted you to know much I appreciated hearing everything after all of these years. Leigh Bell died a terrible death and there are still so many questions left unanswered, but your article did a great job of telling us what happened that can be verified.

Thanks again, and you keep writing those great stories. I’m sure whoever owns the newspaper knows how valuable you are to Americus and Sumter County, Georgia.

Best wishes and I look forward to more!

Helen T. Durden