Lenny’s Farmers’ Market offers farm to table goodness

Published 2:55 pm Thursday, July 25, 2019

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By Kelly Gibson


AMERICUS — As a kid, it was always fun to load up on Saturday mornings and go to the local farmers’ market. Fresh produce, yummy baked goods, and cool handmade stuff — what’s not to love? Picking out the best plums, rifling through tomatoes for that perfect one, and thumping watermelons until they sounded just right.

As an adult, it’s a nostalgic yet totally different appreciation for farmers’ markets. The variety of items and talents that are showcased in one place is fascinating. Lenny’s Farmers’ Market in Americus is a perfect example. Lenny’s has various vendors selling an assortment of offerings, and each of them had something no one else did.

At Lenny’s, you’ll find yourself amid tables full of fresh eggs, microgreens, peaches, peppers, bread, hand-carved wood pieces, cheese straws, cookbooks, jelly, and so much more.

Displayed by multiple vendors, the produce available at the market is all beautiful and ripe, just begging to be taken home and eaten.

Alongside their farm fresh eggs, Graca Farms has a line of homemade salves and balms that Jennifer Almeida created to provide a healthy natural solution to skin conditions.

The Stuckey Sisters have a table full of wonderful southern goodies, including a cookbook full of their delicious recipes compiled by all five sisters.

If you’re looking for specialty dog treats or unique cookies made from tea, then Transformation Farms is the booth for you.

Not many people know that the market season has been extended by two months, which means locals are going to see some amazing fall produce and crafts from these vendors before the season ends in October.

There were five booths there on a recent visit, and Qaijuan Willis, firector of Main Street Americus, wants to get the word out to the community that the farmers’ market is looking for more growers or vendors interested in selling their products at the market.

Season passes are now available for $125, which secures a spot from 7 a.m.-1 p.m. every Tuesday and Saturday for the entire season.

Willis said, “We do allow and encourage vendors to test it out for a week for free to see if they like it, if they are hesitant about buying a season pass. We also accept growers who just want to the pay $25 per day, if they aren’t available for the whole season.”

So, whether you’re interested in selling or buying, Lenny’s Farmers’ Market is a hidden gem in the local community you didn’t know you’ve been missing. Go on — go thump a few watermelons this Saturday!