Area beat: July 31, 2019

Published 12:50 pm Thursday, August 1, 2019

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Americus Fire & Emergency Services

(July 25-30)
• Firefighters responded to a traffic accident on Felder Street.
• Firefighters responded to 12 calls for medical assistance.
• Firefighters responded to a traffic accident on South Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. There were no injuries but they extricated a passenger.
• Firefighters responded to an alarm at Rush Industries, 124 Industrial Blvd. It was found to be a faulty alarm system; no hazards were found.
• Firefighters responded to a report of a tree falling on a house on Douglas Circle. They found a large limb resting on the structure. They advised the occupants to contact their landlord to have a tree surgeon remove it. They placed fire line tape around the structure and cut power off at the break box.
• Firefighters responded to an alarm at Central Baptist Church, 190 Upper River Road. No hazards were found.
• Firefighters responded to Magnolia Manor, 2001 S. Lee St. to what turned out to be a false alarm.
• Firefighters responded to a smoke alarm at the Windsor Hotel, 125 E. Lamar St. It was an accidental activation.
• Firefighters responded to Walmart, 1711 E. Lamar St., after passersby reported they saw smoke in the area. No hazards were found.
• Firefighters responded to Ecoflo, 300 Swett Ave., to the report of a structure fire. They found smoke coming from the roof. They forced entry by removing part of a wall but found the fire inaccessible due to a fenced-in area containing 55-gallon drums of chemicals. A small sawdust fire on the floor on top of some plastic was extinguished. They cooled hotspots after key holder arrived to provide full access, and ventilated the structure.
• Firefighters responded to Creekview Commons, 203 Creekside Drive, to a smoke alarm. It was activated by a low battery, which they replaced.
• Firefighters responded to Masonic Street to a report of trouble unknown. The found that the occupant had intended to notify the police department, not the fire department.

Americus Police Department

• Kevin D. Banks. 24, of 514 Varsity Drive, Americus; assault/battery. (7-11-19)
• Jaquarious M. Calloway, 22, of Barbara Battle Way, Americus; aggravated assault and false imprisonment. (7-15-19)
• Lashay M. Dowdell, 27, of 1403 E. Parker St., Americus; assault/battery). (7-11-19)
• Keidrick L. Parker, 25, of 456-C Arch Helms Road, Americus; misdemeanor theft by taking; jailed. (7-12-19)
• Ciano D. Perkins, 30, of 914 Parker St., Americus; simple battery. (7-12-19)
• Tavarez Roberts, 17, of 89 Dixon Drive, Americus; misdemeanor theft by taking. (7-14-19)
• Anthony T. Walker, 23, of 109 Glenn St., Americus; obstruction of law enforcement officers, and probation violation; jailed. (7-14-19)
• David T. West, 33, of 216 Ebenezer Road, Ellaville; DUI. (7-15-19)

Georgia State Patrol Post 10, Americus

• Constancio D. Lopez, 19, of Albany; driving while unlicensed; jailed. (7-14-19)

Sumter County Sheriff’s Office

• Joseph K. Plunkett, 53, of 201 E. Hill St., Americus; felony probation violation; jailed. (7-12-19)
• Ekeithia S. Roberts, 22, of 3197 S. Lee Street Road, Americus; misdemeanor probation violation; fine paid. (7-12-19)
• Kyleik R. Sims, 17, of 704 Felder St., Americus; criminal trespass and possession of a Schedule I Controlled Substance; jailed. (7-13-19)
• Leann C. Tholen, 39, of 420 Judy Lane, Americus; fine paid; holding for investigation. (7-12-19)

• Brittany J. Anderson, 24, of 281 Croxton Crossroad, Smithville; speeding and expired or no registration or title. (7-26-19)
• Helen Caledebur, 21, of King of Prussia, Pa.; speeding. (7-20-19)
• Dequanda N. Clark, 24, of 212 Pryor Cobb Road, Cobb; speeding. (7-25-19)
• Eric Crawford, 26, of 800 GSW State University Drive, Americus; speeding. (7-20-19)
• Da’Quarius J. Daniels, 22, of 406 Sharon Drive, Americus; illegal parking. (7-28-19)
• Jeffrey T. Deloach, 23, of 2996 Hopewell Church Road, Ellaville; failure to obey stop sign. (7-20-19)
• Cara B. Dodson, 23, of 113 Jenkins Road, Americus; speeding. (7-19-19)
• Degas L. Fuller, 29, of 1016 Harrold Ave., Americus; seat belt violation. (7-20-19)
• Eric M. Hall, 44, of 1416 Parker St., Americus; speeding. (7-23-19)
• Clinton M. Harbuck, 28, of 179 Howard Johnson Road, Unit D, Americus; expired or no registration or title. (7-21-19)
• Gregory R. Hubbard, 31, of 228 Frieda Lane, Americus; failure to stop at stop sign. (7-23-19)
• Derek J. Huss, 38, of 124-C W. Lamar St., Americus; speeding. (7-18-19)
• Donaell Inman, 28, of Albany; speeding. (7-21-19)
• Nathon Johnson, 21, of 105 Sun Valley Drive, Americus; illegal parking. (7-28-19)
• Kierra Q. Jones, 25, of 219 Smothers Road, Smithville; failure to have license on person. (7-23-19)
• Ingrid H. Josey, 58, of Richland; driving while license is suspended or revoked. (7-22-19)
• Darquida S. Lillard, 33, of 128 Rainbow Terrace, Americus; failure to obey stop sign and illegal parking. (7-20-19 and 7-28-19)
• Breuanna K. Maddox, 25, of 113 Mayfire Drive, Americus; speeding and child restraint violation. (7-23-19)
• Matthew E. Maynor, 23, of Elko; speeding. (7-23-19)