Area beat: Aug. 17, 2019

Published 12:02 pm Monday, August 19, 2019

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Americus Fire &
Emergency Services
(Aug. 12)
• Firefighters responded
to 18 calls for medical
• Firefighters stood
by at Americus-Sumter
High School for a football
scrimmage game.
• Firefighters were
dispatched to Magnolia
Manor Nursing Center,
2001 Nursing Center
Drive, but were cancelled
en route.
• Firefighters were dispatched
to Maple Street
but were cancelled en
• Firefighters responded
to an alarm om South
Hampton Street. A police
officer on scene advised
there were no occupants
inside at the time. No
hazards were found. It
was determined that the
alarm activated through
a malfunction.
• Firefighters responded
to an alarm on
Frieda Lane which was
activated by smoke from
cooking bacon.
• Firefighters responded
to East Lamar Street
to aid police in gaining
access to a structure.
They gained access by
using a halogen axe.
• Firefighters responded
to Hancock Drive to
a report of wires down.
They found wires down
and a tree limb in a yard.
The power company was
• Firefighters responded
to an alarm at Zaxby’s,
1204 Crawford St.
No hazards were found.
• Firefighters responded
to a carbon monoxide
alarm on East Church
Street. It was caused by a
Americus Police
• James E. Arnett,
60, of 508 Leslie Lane,
Americus; probation violation;
jailed. (7-31-19)
• Crystal D. Butler,
34, of Ellaville; criminal
trespass. (7-29-19)
• Marcus D. Butts, 44,
no address provided;
assault-battery. (8-4-19)
• Michael E. Carr,
36, of Conley; felony
third-degree forgery;
jailed. (7-26-19)
• Chelsie N. Daniels,
28, of 1113 N. Lee St.,
Americus; criminal trespass.
• Kirklun T. Evans, 23,
of 109 Sun Valley Drive,
Apt. 4, Americus; warrant
executed. (8-4-19)
• Degas L. Fuller, 29, of
1016 Harrold Ave., Americus;
failure to stop at a
stop sign. (7-26-19)
• Keyon D. Harvey, 19,
of 811-B Fairfield Ave.,
Americus; disorderly
conduct. (7-26-19)
• Euveja S. Haugabrook,
40, of 211
Poplar St., Americus;
two counts of felony
third-degree forgery, two
counts of fourth-degree
forgery, and giving false
name/address/or birthdate
to law enforcement
officer; jailed. (7-26-19)
• Kayla J. Hedgepeth,
19, of Johns Creek; misdemeanor
possession of
marijuana. (8-2-19)
• Philip J. Henry, 25, of
113 Ga. Highway 27, Apt.
B-8, Americus; reckless
conduct, probation
violation, obstruction of
law enforcement officers,
and disorderly conduct;
jailed. (7-31-19)
• Leonardo H. Hernandez,
36m of 538 U.S.
Highway 280 East, Lot
36, Americus; misdemeanor
driving without
a valid license, and failure
to yield after stopping
at stop sign. (8-1-19)
• Raven A. Jenkins, 23,
of 479-A Middle River
Road, Americus; warrant
executed. (8-4-19)
• A 15-year-old male
juvenile of Harrold Avenue,
Americus address;
unruly, curfew violation,
ungovernable child, and
misdemeanor furnishing
tobacco products to
minors. (8-5-19)
• A 16-year-old female
of a Walnut Drive, Americus
address; failure
to yield at a stop sign.
• Polly M. Keller, 47, of
1034-B Elm Ave., Americus;
criminal trespass;
jailed. (7-28-19)
• Jada A. Lassiter,
24, of 106-A Linnie St.,
Americus; misdemeanor
driving while license is
suspended or revoked,
and violation of handsfree
device. (7-31-19)
• Samuel L. Ruiz, 30, of
1408 U.S. Highway 280
W., Plains; misdemeanor
driving without a valid
license, and failure to
yield after stopping at
stop sign. (7-31-19)
• Eric Mickens, 44, of
407 Cotton Ave., Americus;
aggravated assault;
jailed. (7-28-19)
• Davonte M. Monts,
21, of 724 Pine Ave.,
Americus; felony
third-degree forgery;
jailed. (7-26-19)
• Naterria A. Porter, 20,
of 720 Beale St., Americus;
disorderly conduct.
• John M. Pritchard,
45, of 1720 Lafayette St.,
Americus; contempt of
court and felony probation
violation; jailed.
• Treveon Robinson,
19, of 1406 First Montgomery
St., Americus;
misdemeanor possession
of marijuana or
drug-related object.
• James F. Sims, 46, of
105 Country Club Drive,
Americus; DUI and failure
to stop at stop sign.
• Jeffery L. Stafford,
39, of 1416-C N. Lee St.,
Americus; probation violation;
jailed. (7-26-19)
• Khristina Y. Stephens,
39, of 401 E. Hill
St., Americus; misdemeanor
possession of
marijuana. (8-3-19)
• Huntington Trollinger,
23, of 749 Wheatley
St., Americus; misdemeanor
possession of
marijuana and failure to
stop at stop sign. (7-29-
• Megan S. Weaver,
27, of Cordele; charges
dismissed; holding for
Dooly County Sheriff’s
Office and holding for
Vienna Police Department.
• Webster J. Wright,
33, of 1319 Lafayette St.,
Americus; aggravated
assault, cruelty to children
in third-degree or
subsequent offense, and
terroristic threats and
acts; jailed. (8-1-19)
Sumter County
Sheriff’s Office
• Grace C. Barsenas,
31, of 5826 Ga. Highway
41 S., Buena Vista;
misdemeanor possession
of marijuana; jailed. (7-31-19)