Health inspections: Aug. 17, 2019

Published 12:03 pm Monday, August 19, 2019

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following food service
inspections were recently
conducted by Environmental
Health, Sumter
County Health Department.
• Subway, 1711 E. Lamar
St., Americus — 4-24-
19 — score: 90
— Observed TCS foods
in the walk-in cooler not
cold held at 41 degrees F.
or below. Temperature
gauge on walk-in cooler
reading 54 degrees F. Person
in charge stated they
had been in and out of the
cooler recently. Person in
charge is to discard the
tomatoes and monitor the
temperature of the walkin
cooler. Person in charge
may need to adjust temperature
of the walk-in
cooler to keep/maintain
TCS foods at 41 degrees F.
or below.
— Observed scoop
handle down in the food
(chicken). Person in
charge is to make sure
that scoop handles are
stored above the food.
• Little Brother’s Bistro
& Café, 133 W. Lamar St.,
Americus — 7-29-19 —
score: 88
— PIC could not
provide signed copies of
the Employee Reporting
Agreement. PIC is to have
all food service employees
sign a copy of this agreement.
Signed copies are
to be kept at the establishment
and made available
during future inspections.
— Observed container
of sugar and flour not
labeled. PIC to label
containers with common
name of food.
— Observed that the
food service permit was
not being displayed at the
time of the inspection.
PIC to display the permit.
— Observed plates
not stored inverted or
covered. PIC to store
clean utensils covered or
• Andersonville General
Store, 101 W. Church St.,
Andersonville — 7-29-19
— score: 94
— Observed personal
items not stored in an approved
area that prevents
potential cross-contamination
of food service
equipment and supplies.
Person in Charge moved
items to approved location.
— Observed vegetable
sink plumbing not designed
with air gap or air
break. Person in charge to
remedy plumbing.
— Observed toilet room
door in need of rendering
to be self-closing. Person
in charge to remedy.
— Observed toilet room
base board without coved
base at floor and wall
juncture. Person in charge
to remedy within 60 days.
• Subway – Perry Brothers
Oil Co., 1039 E. Forsyth
St., Americus — 5-6-19 —
score: 87
— Informed that the
CFSM certification posted
is for an employee that
had been fired. Establishments
that operates without
a CFSM must notify
the Health Department
within 30 days of the date
the establishment ceases
to employ a CFSM.
— Observed time/
temperature control for
safety food items (lettuce,
tomatoes, cheese, ham)
not being cold-held at
or below 41 degrees F.
TCS food items are to be
cold-held at or below 41
degrees F.
Source: www.georgiaeh.