Health inspections: Aug. 24, 2019

Published 9:37 pm Friday, August 23, 2019

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ELLAVILLE — The following
food service inspections
were recently conducted
by Environmental
Health, Schley County
Health Department.
• Mom’s Kitchen, 230
King’s, Ellaville — 7-25-19
— score: 91
— Observed raw sausage
patties cold-holding
above 41 degrees F. PIC
to maintain cold-holding
temperature of 41 degrees
F. or below for time/temperature
control for safety
food items.
— Observed a small
cockroach in the sink of the
kitchen. PIC is to get pest
control to spray the area
and determine how the
pest entered the building.
• The Pizza Place, 27
Main St., Ellaville — 6-24-
19 — score: 89
— Observed build-up
on the inside of the ice
machine. PIC to have ice
machine cleaned.
— Observed box containing
bags of shredded
mozzarella cheese. Bags of
cheese had mold growing
inside the bag. Box had
been labeled as do not
used. PIC discarded the
bags of cheese.
— Observed one of
the restrooms without a
self-closing door. PIC to
ensure that the restroom
doors are self-closing.
— Observed areas in the
ceiling in need of repair.
PIC to repair ceiling areas
so the areas are smooth,
durable, and easily cleanable.
— Observed front and
back doors that were not
tight-fitting doors. PIC to
render both doors tight-fitting.
Source: www.georgiaeh.