Area beat: Aug. 28, 2019

Published 5:15 pm Thursday, August 29, 2019

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Americus Fire & Emergency Services


(Aug. 23-26)


  • Firefighters responded to 14 calls for medical assistance.
  • Firefighters stood by during a football game at Americus-Sumter High School, 805 Harrold Ave.
  • Firefighters responded to a report of a gas odor on West Church Street. The found no has odor but an odor from a deceased animal at a neighboring house.
  • Firefighters responded to a traffic accident on Tripp Street.
  • Firefighters responded to an alarm on Burton Circle. It was activated by occupant grilling outside and smoke getting inside the structure. No hazards were found.
  • Firefighters responded to Lonnie Lane to an unknown emergency. No incident was found.
  • Firefighters responded to a report of a vehicle fire on North Lee Street. The driver advised he had seen flames underneath the hood and had turned the vehicle off. Fire personnel found no smoke or fire and advised owner to not operate vehicle and to have it looked at by a mechanic.
  • Firefighters responded to Edgewood Drive to an alarm but were cancelled en route.


Americus Parole Office



  • Roy K. Sims, 37, of 1308 Second Montgomery St., Americus; probation violation, misdemeanor failure to appear in court for a finger printable charge, criminal trespass, obstruction of law enforcement officers; and misdemeanor possession of marijuana; jailed. (8-18-19)


Americus Police Department



  • Keondria J. Banks, 23, of 252 Ed Carson Road, Americus; theft by shoplifting. (8-19-19)
  • Tandriea Boone, 28, of 429-T Forrest St., Americus; misdemeanor driving without a license. (8-12-19)
  • Reginae M. Caldwell, 28, of 204 Sharon Circle, Americus; probation violation; jailed. (8-12-19)
  • Crystal S. Cross, 33, of 203-B Horton Drive, Americus; unlawful filing of false documents/omissions/tax evasion, first-degree forgery, false statements or writings/conceal facts or fraudulent documents in matters of government; jailed. (8-13-19)
  • Deion K. Dice, 25, of 714 Barlow St., Americus; probation violation; jailed. (8-12-19)
  • Orlando Gonzalez, 51, of 222 Brookdale Drive, Americus; misdemeanor driving without valid license. (8-16-19)
  • John E. Gordon, 52, of Popular Circle, Ellaville; holding for Marion County Sheriff’s Office. (8-10-19)
  • Jerry L. Hayes, 22, of 103 Lonnie Lane, Apt. 136, Americus; second-degree criminal damage to property; jailed. (8-13-19)
  • Antonio D. Haynes, 40, of 402 Winn St., Americus; battery; jailed. (8-18-19)
  • Hannah Holloway, 19, of St. James City, Fla.; underage sale/possession or consumption of alcohol. (8-16-19)
  • Shantavia C. Hurley, 24, of 119 Ashby St., Americus; simple battery; jailed. (8-11-19)
  • Timothy Johnson, 49, of 106 Pinecrest Drive, Americus; contempt of court. (8-16-19)
  • Brandi Y. Lasiter, 36, of 110 Knollwood Drive, Apt. 5-D, Americus; harassing phone calls; released on bond. (8-9-19)
  • Treshawn Q. Mack, 23, of 570 Small Piece Road, Plains; contempt of court. (8-18-19)
  • Damian J. McCoy, 27, of 346 Academy St., Americus; possession of cocaine and battery/simple battery (Family Violence Act); jailed. (8-11-19)
  • Kimberlie R. Miller, 41, of Albany; contempt of court. (8-15-19)
  • George M. Smith, 18, of 414 Patterson St., Americus; entering auto of other motor vehicle with intent commit theft or felony; jailed. (8-18-19)
  • Shihuang Styles, 27, of 219-B Thomas Drive, Plains; misdemeanor driving while license is suspended or revoked. (8-18-19)
  • Patrick O. Thomas, 35, of 152 Carter Fish Pond Road, Plains; failure to appear in court and probation violation; jailed. (8-17-19)
  • Eric J. Walker, 41, homeless; theft by shoplifting; jailed. (8-13-19)
  • Keldrick L. Walker, 25, of Macon; misdemeanor possession of marijuana or drug-related object. (8-15-19)
  • Shateria V. Williams, 25, of 1503-B E. Lamar St., Americus; obstruction of law enforcement officers, theft by shoplifting, and financial transaction card fraud; jailed. (8-13-19)


Georgia State Patrol Post 10, Americus



  • Jerkisa M. Lewis, 28, of Leesburg; driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs and speeding; jailed. (8-14-19)


Plains Police Department



  • Tracy M. Majors, 45, of 5975 Cass St., Preston; probation violation and felony probation violation; jailed. (8-14-19)


Sumter County Sheriff’s Office



  • Jahiem R. Davis, 17, of Columbus; holding per court order. (8-15-19)
  • David W. Garrison, 44, of 308 W. Ellaville St., Andersonville; aggravated stalking; jailed. (8-15-19)
  • Denorris C. Jenkins, 30, of 108 Ridgewood Drive, Americus; probation violation; jailed. (8-11-19)
  • Damion R. Jones, 23, of 433 Mayo St., Americus; probation violation; jailed. (8-16-19)
  • Alonzo T. Jordan, 21, of 1304 Elm Ave., Apt. 12, Americus; simple battery; jailed. (8-12-19)
  • Daniel Martinez, 25, of 112 Lexington Circle, Lot 32, Americus; driving while license is suspended or revoked; jailed. (8-14-19)
  • Brandon J. Pool, 33, of 260 Holman Road, Leslie; driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol and driving while license is suspended or revoked; released on bond. (8-11-19)
  • Edwin D. Stephens, 64, homeless; felony probation violation; jailed. (8-16-19)
  • Jairo V. Vicente, 39, of Macon; driving while unlicensed and speeding (81 mph in a 45 zone); jailed. (8-14-19)
  • William C. Youngblood, 43, of Reynolds; misdemeanor failure to appear in court for finger printable charge; released on bond. (8-9-19)



  • Cameron C. Barrett, 21, of Snellville; illegal stop/stand/park where prohibited. (8-24-19)
  • Marquise B. Bethancourt, 26, of Jonesboro; speeding. (8-16-19)
  • Barbara L. Boyd, 33, of 106 Brookdale Drive, Americus; failure to obey traffic signal or light. (8-24-19)
  • Kathy Carter, 48, of 824 Ridge St., Americus; speeding. (8-16-19)
  • Demetria A. Ellington, 22, of 400 Neal Road, Buena Vista; speeding. (8-25-19)
  • Brandon L. Goforth, 22, of 1301 Oak Ave., Americus; knowingly driving motor vehicle on suspended, revoked or cancelled registration. (8-19-19)
  • Rakim D. Hardrick, 20, of Tifton; speeding. (8-16-19)
  • Jaide A. Hawkins, 21, of Columbus; illegal stop/stand/park where prohibited. (8-24-19)
  • Ivy V. Oliver, 32, of 1231 Oliver Jones Road, Ellaville; expired or no registration or title. (8-19-19)
  • Taylor L. Sapp, 25, of Cairo; violation of hands-free device. (8-25-19)
  • James Sims, 73, of Decatur; speeding. (8-25-19)
  • Johnathon K. Smith, 19, of 425 Andersonville Road, Ellaville; driving while unlicensed. (8-24-19)­­
  • Justin K. White, 29, of Albany; knowingly driving motor vehicle on suspended, revoked or cancelled registration. (8-19-19)
  • Marques J. Wilburn, 19, of Ashburn; speeding. (8-16-19)
  • Christopher M. Woods, 34, of Cordele; expired or no registration or title. (8-19-19)


Webster County Sheriff’s Office



  • Antonio J. Jackson, 24, of 243 Ben Williams Road, Preston; holding for Webster County Sheriff’s Office. (8-11-19)
  • Princeton B. Smith, 23, of 453 McDaniel St., Preston; holding for Webster County Sheriff’s Office. (8-11-19)
  • Melvin Thomas, 22, od 402 Sarah Dew Road, Preston; holding for Webster County Sheriff’s Office. (8-11-19)