New Industry Comes to Sumter County—Twice.

Published 9:21 am Thursday, October 22, 2020

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BY: Tracy K. Hall

New industry is coming to town! It has taken over a year’s worth of hard work and dedication but the professionals at the Sumter County Development Authority (SCDA) have done it. The success isn’t limited to only one industry, Sumter County will be the home to two new industries. The first, TLC Associates, will bring with it 1000 jobs. TLC Associates is a call center and will be housed at the industrial complex. The jobs will offer a competitive wage, profit sharing, benefits and commission. Workers will be evaluated for raises every 6 months and the potential for advancement is great. The company intends to offer work at home opportunities as well as on-site jobs.

The second industry is B&D Foods, a frozen foods processing plant. Various types of employment will be offered. Production workers as well as those versed in research and design could find a vocational home at B&D Foods. The company plans to start out hiring at least 100 people, with a great potential for additional employment opportunities in the future.

Rusty Warner serves as the executive director of the SCDA. Rusty is excited about all the assets Sumter County has to offer. With a background in real estate, Rusty is very much versed in selling Sumter County to potential investors. He has several attractive features to highlight. Rusty includes South Georgia Technical College, Georgia Southwestern, a great team of health care providers, agri-business and a renewable energy option are some of the top sellers. However always on top of Rusty’s attraction list are our people. Rusty refers to our residents as “the root of the county.” “The people who live here have some of the best minds—both retired and existing workers.” Susan Warner, who also works for SCDA, reports there is very seldom a problem this community can’t come together and solve. Capitalizing upon this strength is imperative to the future economic growth of Sumter County.

Paul V. Hall, the Chairman of the SCDA, is grateful for the work Rusty and Susan have done. He is also aware and appreciative of the investment both TLC Associates as well B&D Foods are making in Sumter County. “Hard work and dedication are beginning to pay off and we are looking for even brighter days in the future.” In agreement with Rusty and Susan, Paul also reports his work is more effective when everyone understands their piece in making new industry happen. “Sumter County must work together for the betterment of the entire community in order to provide a promising future for every resident.” Also serving on SCDA’s board are Mike Donnelly, Teresa O’Bryant, Bill Harris, Sr. and John Shealy. To learn more about our new industries please visit and Hiring has already begun for TLC Associates and B&D Foods will also being taking applications soon. Please follow the SCDA on Facebook for further information.