GSW offers unique opportunity for exam relief

Published 3:50 pm Wednesday, December 2, 2020

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College exams are a special kind of stressful. For ages, students and the communities who support them have sought out ways to push through the pressure of being tested. Georgia Southwestern State University (GSW) has found a new, yet old way to relieve the stress which every student knows at exam time. The Student Engagement Team at GSW went back to the school’s roots for inspiration. Some 100 years ago, spotting a horse on campus was the stuff of an ordinary day, as GSW was founded as an agricultural and mechanical college.   Although options and offerings to students have changed through the decades, for today, a classic was brought back.

Students were invited to take a break from their exam preparations and come meet Spirit and Secret. Spirit and Secret are horses belonging to GSW’s comptroller, Colette Long. The pair were a good example on staying calm and steady, something a scholar at testing time needs to be reminded of. There were many reasons for the student to invest in this opportunity. The lawn offered a chance to get fresh air and some sunshine-made vitamin D. The student could pull away from the books for a moment and be reminded of the friends around them. In the middle of it all, were Spirit and Secret who offered the great gift of relaxation. Students were encouraged to brush, feed and pet the animals. Manes and tails were braided as tensions were worked out. Many of the students remarked on how calming the horses were for their minds. Some students requested to be a part of making this event happen for others.

Many a student, at many a university, in many a way, for many a year have found an outlet to survive exams. For today, Spirit and Secret came bearing the gift of relief for students. Today, for a moment, GSW was reminiscent of her yesterdays. Today there was an opportunity to connect to things gone by in hopes of reaping rewards for tomorrow. Today was a good day.