Americus City Council determines the action items for January meeting

Published 3:30 pm Friday, January 15, 2021

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Mayor and City Council of Americus held their agenda setting meeting on Thursday, January 15, 2021. Most of the 13 agenda items were sent to consent agenda and will go to final vote on January 21. Consent items included: approval of $22,160 for downtown light reconfiguration, approving payment for tasers, an alcohol license for Danfair Express located on Highway 27, accepting bids to replace Fire Station #2 windows, awarding 2021 CHIP Administration and Grant Writing, approving an invoice for North Lee Street drain improvements in amount of $239,138,approving Croy Engineering to move forward on the bike lane project and approval to bid out landscaping for the HW 280/Felder Street beautification project.

One item, entering into a maintenance contract for the service of lift stations for the Sumter County Board of Education and South Georgia Technical College was voted upon and passed by a vote of 4-2, with Daryl Dowdell and Nelson Brown voting against the action.

Another item brought to the floor by Nelson Brown was to place bids for improvements on Brookdale Park. There was not enough interest in the item to move it forward to the regular meeting and will not be addressed.

Items to be voted upon include an event center ordinance, rezoning property at 1209 Crawford Street and rezoning property located at 151 Mayo Street. Additionally, the council will be making appointments for various authorities and councils. The regular meeting will be January 21, 2021 at 6pm.