Americus Mayor and City Council determine agenda for April

Published 12:46 pm Friday, April 16, 2021

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The Mayor and City Council of Americus addressed 21 items and set agenda for April’s action during the agenda setting meeting on 4/15/2021. The meeting, held via Zoom was close to 3 hours in length. At the invitation of Mayor Blount, Cure Violence Global was invited to make a presentation on their approach to addressing violence in communities. In making their case, the group was able to liken the spread of violence to the spread of contagious illnesses. They outlined their approach and theorized it could prove to be very effective for Americus. If the city so chooses, the first phase is for the group to provide a community assessment.

Items for submission to the consent agenda for next Thursday’s voting meeting include changing color hues for the city flag, representatives for the Municipal Gas Authority, several invoices for public works services, engineering fees, HW 19 pedestrian improvement projects and approving right away use for bridge repair on Lee Street.

Voting items include approving invoices for fees incurred in a citywide sanitary sewer system project. These projects can not be funded in their entirety and will require the providers to make the city aware of what projects are most important and when they have reached the end of the available funding. This will go to city attorney, Jimmy Skipper to insure there is understanding between providers and the city, so the budget is not overspent. Brookdale Park improvements was brought up again by Nelson Brown. The mayor indicated an operational definition of “improvements” would need to be determined so the mayor and city council is aware of exactly what they are voting upon. A reading and vote will be made on the 2020 Budget Ordinance to reflect the differences in the final spending of the city. Lastly, the council will vote upon taking on ownership of a park on Oak Avenue and Bell Street.

A number of items were tabled for another month.

Diadra Powell, Interim City Manager gave her update. Items brought up for discussion were policy changes to Rees Park to include the renters’ responsibilities as well as clean up procedures, adding a full-time employee and a part time employee to manage facilities, dropping penalties to storm water charges and work regarding the city cemeteries. Questions were asked by council in determining the amount of charges/penalties for non-payment on storm water issues.

When asked for other comments, Nelson Brown asked for the floor and requested Nigel Poole be added to agenda for a presentation. He also made known his intentions to address the council at the regular meeting.

Mayor and council will enter executive session for the purposes of appointments on the regular meeting night. The regular meeting will be Thursday 4/22/21 at 6pm via zoom.