Sumter County Schools Receive 100 for Second Consecutive Health Inspection Cycle 

Published 7:57 am Wednesday, April 21, 2021

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The School Nutrition Teams across Sumter County Schools have achieved health inspections of 100 for all schools for the second consecutive cycle. Health inspections in Georgia occur twice a year for all establishments that prepare food for public consumption.  School Nutrition professionals work extremely hard to maintain the safest, cleanest environment in which the students’ meals are prepared. Margaret Goodin, Director of Nutrition for Sumter County school reported, “At the beginning of the year we spend time reviewing and refreshing all of the many food safety ideals that we have in place and conduct trainings for all staff.” For health inspections, management and employees must demonstrate knowledge of food safety practices, health codes, safe food handling and preparation. The Health Inspectors drop in which helps make sure that the nutrition teams are performing their normal daily routines. Here in Sumter County each school’s lunchroom manager is ServSafe® Certified. In April, each manager had the opportunity to celebrate the success with their School Nutrition Staff along with School Nutrition Director Margaret Goodin RDN, LD and the building principals throughout Sumter County Schools.

SCS Nutrition Managers are:

  • Nell Harris, manager at Sumter County Primary School for 7 years.
  • Lorriane Lassiter, manager at Sumter County Elementary School for 20 years
  • Diane Monts, manager at Sumter County Intermediate School for 4 years and 8 years total as a manager with SCS.
  • Michelle Bush, manager at Sumter County Middle School for 4 and 13 years total as a manager with SCS.
  • Sarah Slappey, manager at Americus Sumter 9th Grade Academy for 9 years
  • Felcia Thomas, manager at Americus Sumter High School for 28 years.