Chief Mark Scott asks the church to pray for our home

Published 2:00 pm Tuesday, June 1, 2021

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Americus Police Department Chief of Police, Mark Scott, has called upon the citizens of Americus to pray. As the chief states, “We are experiencing a spiritual crisis here in Americus which is resulting in recurring waves of violence in specific neighborhoods in the city. I am challenging the church in Americus to join me in praying daily for these four areas of the city.” The four areas are McCoy Hill 6/2-8/21, Bessie Mays Circle 6/9-15/21, Reddick Drive/Tom Hall Circle 6/16-22/21 and Cherokee Street 6/23-29/21. Dedicated days of prayer for the entire City of Americus are today, 6/1/21 and 6/30/21. Thank you for joining the Americus Times-Recorder as we take on the month long opportunity.


Our Father God,

Your fervent devotion to us brings us to our knees. Calling Americus our home is a precious gift. We need your Spirit to be poured out mightily upon our home. Where your Spirit is, there is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness and faithfulness. Lord, these are the eternal qualities Americus hopes to build upon.  Oh, how you love us! We long to bathe in your anointing. We want to live in the peace that is your breath. Build your walls of protection around us. Where anything comes against your Spirit, please fight boldly for us. We confess we have chosen lies over your great gifts. We have fallen short more times than we have stood up. We admit there are no worthy tomorrows without you being in control of our todays. We need you to pour out abundantly on our home Lord. We have all been the one who strayed, and you have always been the one who never leaves the one behind. Come after us now. Lord come build our home, day by day. Let it be said of us that our foundation is made by your hands. Come now, precious Jesus and woo us to your side. Keep us, precious Savior, in the very center of your heart. Ignite us, holy Lord, to love our neighbors in all we do, with all your might, in all our efforts. With our very hands may we be doing your work.