Prayer for the Cherokee Street area of Americus

Published 12:52 pm Wednesday, June 23, 2021

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At the request of the Americus Police Department, the church has taken on praying for the city. This week, June 23-29, the focus is the Cherokee Street area. On June 30, the focus is the entire city. In addition to lifting the city on June 30, there is an invitation to gather with your neighbors at the Russell Thomas Public Safety Building at 7pm to add your voice to the prayer. Please join, you are needed.

Father of Hope,

As we wait, let us feel your breath upon us. We are not a people who wait in vain. We are not a people who will be defeated by exhaustion. We are not a people who wait in the dark. We will wait in the refuge of your hand. We will stand within your strength. We will shine our light to offer a path home. Lord we are aware we need your very blood to get us home. It is high price, but it is price already paid. We claim it as the only thing we have of worth. Yet, even in knowing our poverty, we are aware of our abundance. Help us Lord to accept your lavish gifts. Lord open us to the pouring over you desire to bestow upon us. We are so thirsty Father. We need to see your face Lord. We ache to feel your touch. Lord, you are invited. You are invited to show yourself in every space of our city, and especially in our Cherokee Street area. For the very land we cry out for your healing, your might. Lord raise a people to bring a strength, a wisdom and a courage for the residents in this area. And as you do, we will wait on you. We will wait, breathing the very breath you gave us.