June 30 marks 30 days of prayer for the City of Americus

Published 1:59 pm Wednesday, June 30, 2021

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At the request of the Americus Police Department the church has been asked to rise and offer their strength on behalf of Americus. Chief Mark Scott has identified four areas as being a special need because of the extensive violence in their neighborhoods. They include McCoy Hill, Bessie Mays Circle, Reddick Drive/Tom Hall Circle and Cherokee Street. APD has been offering specific requests needing prayer throughout the month on their Facebook page. On June 30, at 7pm, the community will gather at the Russell Thomas Safety Building to offer prayer for all of Americus. Please come offer your voice and presence to those prayers. For the final day of June, as was the case for the first day in June, the focus is the entirety of Americus.

Our Mighty God,

We invite you into our city. We need to see your heart in such a way as it changes the way we love our neighbors. We welcome you to tear down everything and build us in your image. Let nothing stand that doesn’t reflect who you are.  May we realize we have the power of your resurrection blood in our veins, make us powerful stewards of such a gift.  Lord, we need your Holy Spirit to move. Break the strongholds of violence, of poverty, of apathy, of cruelty and of disinterest which have taken root in our home. Crush them with but one breath. Break them now. Tell the gravestones to move and we will see them move. Bring us forth as living love into your world.  We will sing of your power, we will be beacons of your light, we will walk in your righteousness, we will receive your healing. Lord, as we are your children, we are also warriors. Prepare us for the battle of your choosing. Raise us up to follow your lead. Put your hand on the men of our community to provide a special strength to our city, we need them in a unique manner for this mission. For our families, grant us leadership to carry out your plans. For our leaders, grant them a compassionate wisdom which welcomes the opportunity to serve.  For our schools bring a light to shine forth. For our law enforcement be their armor, protecting them from every side. For our churches set us on fire to make you known. Father, we are hurting, there is an element which causes chaos and pain, in your mighty name, cease their harm. Hem them in at every turn. Let them only be able to grasp your love. We need you to loudly speak God, speak above the noise, thunder through with your glorious silence, with your whisper of might, for it is loudest of all. Find us offering our alleluias for your glory. Find us offering comfort to the diseased. Find us offering shelter to those who can’t find their way home. Find us bringing truth into the darkness of lies and fear. Lord, Christ, Our Jesus, find us. And bring us home.