Homecoming Celebrations

Published 9:53 am Wednesday, September 29, 2021

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If you have Facebook and some really great friends, you have seen Southland is celebrating homecoming this weekend! The Academy has been having great fun throughout the week and will carry the festivities through the weekend. Everyone who has ever called Southland home, and even those who haven’t, are invited to come celebrate the school’s rich legacy and their optimistic future. The Raiders will be taking on Southwest Georgia Academy’s Warriors at Harvey Simpson Stadium on Friday 10.1 at 7:30pm. There will be dancing at Southland’s gym the next evening, 10.2.21.

Many of Southland’s students have been waiting to show off skills they learned long ago. Mia Mixon, daughter of Ashley and Dr. John Mixon, not only will be celebrating Southland, but she will also be traveling 1,043 miles to celebrate another homecoming in Iowa. Cody Klein came to personally ask Mia to join him in Iowa. Ashley Mixon, Mia’s mom reports Cody and Mia are “long time family friends… it was inevitable.” Homecoming itself is a special occasion, but to be traveling over 1000 miles to Iowa calls for some pretty spectacular dances. Mia has a special grace to bring to Iowa. Mia was a Junior Cotillion student when she was in the fifth grade. She has long been a beauty with a special way in how she relates to others. There is no doubt she will represent Americus well as she enjoys her evening with Cody. Ashley Mixon is helping Mia remember all those little cotillion tricks. Ashley said of Mia’s trip, “we are bringing a southern cotillion tradition.”  When in cotillion Mia not only refined her already beautiful manners, but she also learned how to Foxtrot, Swing, Waltz, and Cha-Cha.

Ashley pulled out some fun cotillion tricks to bring all those dance steps back. One of the tricks is to place a ball between the dancer’s foreheads. The challenge was to be so coordinated with your partner, the ball would stay put through all the tempos and steps of a dance. Just as Mia proved herself a great dancer in the fifth grade, she will no doubt do the same as a tenth grader. Mia and Cody have already begun to practice. While mom looks on, they put their best effort into keeping a ball steady as they share a dance.

Cody Klein and tenth grader, Mia Mixon, practicing dance moves

Ashley and John Mixon have seen their daughter attempt this in the past. As a fifth grader, she and Perry Bennett, son of Judge Stephanie and Blake Bennett were paired up to show off their skills. So, as things change, some things stay the same. There is no doubt Mia and Cody as well as Perry and his date, Camie, who is also a cotillion alumna, will cut all kinds of rugs.

Perry Bennett and Mia Mixon as fifth grade cotillion students

The Americus Times-Recorder is sure their cotillion teacher is tickled pink to see her kiddos enjoying themselves with the kindness which has always marked their personalities. In fact, when the Americus Times-Recorder called to speak with the teacher, she was speechless. She might have been overcome with a sentimentality of gratitude for being trusted with gentlemen like Perry, and ladies such as Camie and Mia. I am sure she knows Cody must be a fine young man as well to have earned a date such as Mia. If it weren’t for a very well-placed lump in her throat, I bet she would have told us she hopes all her students have a fabulous time, and to “Walk pretty and walk strong!” I bet that’s what she would say, but for the lump in her throat. Good luck Raiders! Be the winners you have always been! Congratulations Iowa, there’s an Americus, Georgia beauty coming your way!