Biden taking action to lower costs while Republicans have no plans for Georgians

Published 10:30 am Thursday, March 3, 2022

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From:  Bobby Fuse, Jr.:  Democratic Party of Georgia, Second Congressional District Chairman

The world is still coping with the shockwaves of the COVID-19 pandemic – including supply chain issues that are squeezing us at the grocery store and gas pump. Higher prices due to the pandemic are a challenge across the globe and here in Americus, but I feel better knowing our president is taking action to lower costs here at home.
Since taking office, President Biden has acted aggressively to fix supply chains disrupted by COVID-19, and we’re seeing the results here in Georgia. His Bipartisan Infrastructure Law allocated billions to repair and upgrade Georgia’s roads, bridges, and airports. Making transportation more efficient is a huge step in easing the stress on our supply chains and boosting our economy as a whole.
This historic infrastructure package also provided $8 million in immediate relief to expand capacity at the Port of Savannah, one of the country’s busiest ports and a crucial piece of our state and nation’s supply chain. Thanks to that funding, business isn’t just steady at the Port – it’s record-breaking. And that impacts communities here in Sumter County as well – from the grocery market to local retail stores. There’s been talk about the need for these infrastructure investments for years, even before the pandemic made it urgent, but it was President Biden who took action. This is what getting things done for Georgians looks like.
President Biden’s bold action to lower costs stands in stark contrast to Georgia Republicans, who bemoan higher prices but have presented zero solutions to lower them. In fact, every single Georgia Republican voted against the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the urgently-needed funding it brought to Georgia. It seems Republicans’ only plan is to obstruct and complain.
I’m grateful to President Biden and Georgia Democrats for continuing to fight for everyday Georgians throughout the pandemic. In just a year, they’ve taken historic action to tackle the complex ripple effects of COVID and bring our economy roaring back. Repairing our supply chains and bringing down costs will continue to be a global challenge, but working Georgians can feel confident we’ve got President Biden working for us.