Showcasing what Americus has to offer

Published 12:29 pm Friday, April 1, 2022

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By: Nicole Kirksey, Director of Tourism, City of Americus

For years now, the Department of Tourism has been gathering information to share with potential visitors about our city. Everything from outdoor recreation to live theatrical performances, we have been compiling our findings into a master list. What is missing? Your ideas.

That’s right, the City of Americus is looking to showcase what makes us special. From the events happening at your church, to the get-togethers and lectures with your book group, all these items make Americus special. At the end of the day, it is not just about providing activities and experiences for our guests, it is also about creating a culture that shines a light on our quality of life. This is what brings future residents to our city.

Now how do we go about doing this? That’s where you come in. First and foremost, we need your stories, your big ideas, and we need to know what your struggles are. Are the events and festivals we promote inclusive? Do you have an idea that is cutting-edge and could set Americus apart from the rest of the state? We want to know.

Are you or someone you know looking to get more involved in the community? Between Tourism and Americus Main Street, we have many wonderful opportunities. Perhaps you are not sure where to go and who to talk to. That is where your tourism department comes in. Think of us as the front porch of our city. We are your hospitality people: our job is to shine the light on the good and encourage you and others to be apart of that good.

Photographs, sketches, T-shirt slogans, artisan crafts – these are all items we are in search of also. Want to see your photo in our social media? Perhaps you would like us to use one for our newly branded postcards or large posters in the Americus Visitor Center? Have an interesting sketch we could turn into a T-shirt or even a catchy phrase or slogan? Are you a local artist that can create items that say Visit Americus? THIS is what we are searching for.

Maybe you have a community group or board that would like representation from our department. We are open to come and speak to your groups and help you understand how we can assist you. The sky is the limit!

While you are enjoying your weekend, take a few moments to consider how you can become a part of the solution when it comes to cheerleading for our community. We all want a vibrant, safe downtown.  Each family desire well-lit parks for our kids to play in. Every person in Americus is looking for activities to make the “every day” seem a little less tough. Maybe that’s through the arts, or a nice meal cooked by an incredible chef, or just a beautiful path to walk with your loved ones.

We can do this. Now all we need is you.

Please stop by the Americus Visitor Center at 101 West Lamar Street, first floor, and speak to our team. Or simply email Nicole Kirksey at