May 24, 2022 election results for Sumter County

Published 2:10 pm Wednesday, May 25, 2022

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Sumter County culminated the recent elections on voting day, Tuesday 5.24.2022. This was a primary for a vote which will take place in November of this year. The voter had to choose if they wished to vote a republican, democratic or independent ballot. There were 5,701 ballots cast. On all ballots was an option to vote for or against the T-SPLOST which will directly affect Sumter County, in round numbers, the T-SPLOST passed 65% to 34%. As far as local candidates, there were no contested races. However, Mark Waddell, of Sumter County’s District 2 was elected commissioner with 637 votes, or 100%. Commissioner contender for District 4, David Baldwin garnered 471 ballots or 100% of the vote on the republican ticket. Mathis Wright, who ran for the same position on the democratic ticket garnered 266 or 100% of the votes. Sumter County will choose between Baldwin or Wright in the November election.

Under the judicial positions, William Rambo won the position for State Court Judge with 4,263 votes or 100%. James Sizemore will continue as a Superior Court Judge winning 4,282 votes or 100%. For Court of Appeals, Trea Piplin, Anne Elizabeth Barnes and Chris McFadden were uncontested and won 100% of the vote. Carla McMillian and Shawn Ella LaGrua will serve on the Georgia’s Supreme Court as they were both unopposed. Verda Colvin did face opposition in Veronica Brinson for Georgia Supreme Court and won Sumter County with 70% of the vote.

Republican incumbent Brain Kemp won with 68% of the vote for governor. Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams won the democratic nomination unopposed.

For Lt. Governor, Burt Jones won 52% of the republican vote, while democratic candidate Tyron Brooks achieved the highest number of democratic votes with 21%

For Secretary of State, the republican winner with 56% of the vote is incumbent Brad Raffensperger.  Dee Dawkins-Haigler won 28% of the democratic vote.

Republican incumbent Chris Carr defeated opponent John Gordon with 72% of the vote for Attorney General.  Jennifer “Jenn” Jordan the democratic candidate for the position received 75% of the vote.

As a candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture, Tyler Harper won 100% of the vote unopposed. The democratic candidate earning the most votes is Winfred Dukes with 51%.

Incumbent Commissioner of Insurance, John King won the republican vote with 69%. On the democratic ticket, Raphel Baker won with 38% of the Sumter County vote.

Incumbent republican State School Superintendent won 73% of the vote, while democrat Alisha Thomas Searcy won the democratic vote with 62%.

For Commissioner of Labor, Bruce Thompson won 58% of the republican vote, while democrat William Will Boddie, Jr. won 29% of available votes.

Public Service Commissioner for District 2, incumbent republican was unopposed and received 100% of vote. Russell Edwards won 51% of the democratic vote.

Public Service Commissioner for District 3, incumbent Fitz Johnson won 100% of vote unopposed. For the same position, Sheila Edwards procured 69% of democratic vote.

For US House District 2, Jeremy Hunt procured 47% of the republican vote, while incumbent Sanford Bishop received 97% of the democrat vote.

For State Senate District 12, unopposed incumbent Freddie Powell Sims won 100% of the democratic vote.

For State House District 150 Patty Bently won the democrat vote as there was not opposition.

For State House District 151, incumbent Mike Cheokas won 100% of the republican nomination, while Joyce Barlow won 100% of the democratic vote.

On a federal level, Sumter County residents voted for US Senator. Winning 75% of the republican vote is Herschel Walker. Incumbent Raphael Warnock won 96% of the democratic vote.

Please note these are results for a Sumter County primary only. With the exception of the Sumter County Board of Commissioner positions, the other positions also were on the other or all of the 159 counties’ ballots and not to be confused with the final outcomes. In the case of the TSPLOST vote, Sumter is only one county of a district voting upon the item. Unless uncontested or a non-partisan race, the campaign will go forward until the final election to be held in November. The 5701 voters are all Sumter County residents.

To determine the results for the entire state, please visit the Georgia Secretary of State, On the page, please click on elections and there will be a tab to visit the results.