Word to the wise this Labor Day

Published 11:15 am Thursday, September 1, 2022

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This Monday, September 5, 2022, the nation will celebrate Labor Day. Labor Day serves as a signpost for where we are in 2022. There are some who will be packing away their white clothes, only to be seen again on Easter Sunday in 2023. There are others who will be carefully planning their weekends from now until the end of the year around football games. There are some who are thrilled to welcome “ber” months, because although we won’t see fall colors, lower humidity, or feel the crisp air, just yet, we know it is coming. The sentimental among us will reflect on the year thus far and feel both the gratitude for a new season and a goodbye to a summer passed. There are many others who will honor the day in a unique way, and it is worthy of honor, because such a day serves to mark a space in time. How each of us chooses to fill the space is completely up to us and our imaginations.

As is often the case when one of these signposts pops up on our calendar, we hear from public safety and heed their words as they are charged with serving and protecting us on this and every day. Sheriff Eric Bryant took some time to offer his thoughts and encouragement as we go about celebrating the day.

First word of advice from the good sheriff wasn’t to remind us of dangers or put us on alert. The sheriff is a “first things first” kind of man. He extends an invitation initially. “Enjoy quality time with your family and friends.” It is nice to have a sheriff who understands who we are isn’t it! Go ahead, indulge in the people around you, they are the stuff of life. Secondly, should you be taking to the roads, and it is expected to be a heavy travel holiday, simply be mindful to take care of yourself and your fellow travelers. Kindness on the roads goes a long way towards making the day all the more enjoyable.

The sheriff also knows we love to gather and enjoy our social side. Just as in our driving, be thoughtful of those who are doing the same. Plan on lighting a bonfire? Make sure you are not encroaching on another’s property, including fields which can cause a fire to become more than the friendly type. Going to enjoy a cocktail? Do so, but don’t drive, in fact while you’re driving don’t allow yourself to be distracted from getting safely to your destination.

The sheriff knows there will cooks among us. He wasn’t so concerned for those kitchen warriors and hopes all your dishes turn as a great as they always have (blessings upon your heads). However, for our grill masters, and deep fryers, be sure everyone gets to enjoy your offerings without anyone needing a trip for medical intervention. And oh, how we love the water! Enjoy all of creation and soak it up as the gift it is. Again, practice kindness as you are doing so and be intentional about making sure everyone gets to do the same.

Additionally, celebrate our work force. The American worker offers us a gift like none other, and they are to be given praise for their contribution. Eric is quick to point out, remember those who will not have the day off because their labor is so essential to our wellbeing, we need them to practice their skill, even on, maybe especially on, holidays.  And lastly, take time to breath. Soak in the day. Catch up on that book or sleep in late. Such days are meant to be enjoyed. We only get so many Labor Days in our lifetime. You are about to use one, make it count!

Our sheriff is good people. He does a phenomenal job of knowing who we are and extending just the invitation we need. Indulge in your community, practice kindness, protect yourself and each other, celebrate our good stuff and take a pause for restoration. It is wisdom, take it to heart.