Sumter County Schools October 2022 Board Recognition Program

Published 10:03 am Thursday, October 27, 2022

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Staff Reports

Mr. Walter Knighton, Superintendent of Sumter County Schools, proudly announces the October 2022 “Teachers and Parents in Support of Students” Board Recognition Program honorees from Sumter County Elementary School. Ms. Teira Wallace, the principal and her staff, chose to recognize the following: Student – Melanie Duque, Custodian – Zebb Jackson; Nutrition Staff Member – Angela Laster; Support Staff – Wanda Jordan; Parent Volunteer – Patricia Hill; Paraprofessional – Myia Crawford; and Teacher – Kristal Minter.


Ms. Wallace began, “Good Evening. Tonight is a Good Night!  Some might even say an ‘All-Star’ Night as we are afforded the opportunity to highlight some of SCES’ finest assets.  We want to thank the Sumter County Board of Education, Superintendent Walter Knighton, and Associate Superintendent Kimothy Hadley for the opportunity to celebrate our All-Stars tonight. We would also like to thank Sumter EMC, Food Lion, Roman Oven, and Good News Ministries, a few of our partners in education, for donating items showcased in our gift baskets this evening.  We would also like to thank All-Star Teacher Angie Love for her creative DIY dry-erase boards with the All-Star logo and SCES Teacher of the Year Tarsha Carter for her assistance in presenting the baskets tonight. Thank you so much for your continued support of Sumter County Elementary School! Now on to our All-Star Celebration”


All-Star Student Melanie Duque:

Melanie Duque is a third-grade All-Star Student in Ms. Luke and Mr. Arnett’s class.  She is the daughter of Guillberto Duque and Yolanda Martinez.  Melanie enjoys drawing, and her favorite food is Macaroni & Cheese.  She met her AR goal for the first nine weeks with a 94% average.  Melanie has worked for 12 hours 49 minutes in i-Ready Math, completing 26 assignments with a 100% average and 6 hours 21 minutes in i-Ready Reading, completing 25 assignments with an 80% average.  Melanie attributes her success in school to always following directions.  Her favorite subject is Social Studies because she enjoys learning about life in the past and loves school because she learns new things every day. Please help us celebrate Melanie Duque, our All-Star student representative.


All-Star Custodian Mr. Zebb Jackson Jr.

Mr. Zebb, or Mr. Jackson as we call him, is the son of the late Ben Jackson and Rosa Mae Jackson.  He is married to Mrs. Annie Lois Jackson and has one son Senica Jackson.  He enjoys chicken and southern cooking and exercising in his spare time.  Mr. Zebb graduated from Union High (Yellow Jacket) and attributed his success at work to his hard work and dedication.  Mr. Jackson is usually the first person in the building each morning around 6:00, even though he is not scheduled to come to work until 7:30.  And often, on Saturday evenings or early Sunday mornings, you may find him working on his hall.  Mr. Jackson said he enjoys being around other people and chose to work in our school to serve.  Tonight we celebrate Mr. Zebb Jackson Jr. as our custodial staff representative.


All-Star Cafeteria/Lunchroom Staff – Mrs. Angela Laster

Angela Laster is the daughter of Mr. Eddie Laster Sr. and Mrs. Janice Laster.  She is married to Lamarcus Murphy, Sr. and they have three children (Cameryn, Camora, and Canivea Murphy).  Her favorite food is pizza, and she enjoys cooking in her spare time.  She has worked in school cafeterias for 12 years and has certifications in CPR, ServSafe, and tax preparation.  She graduated from Americus-Sumter High School and has an associate’s degree in medical billing.  Mrs. Angela chose to work as a school cafeteria manager because it is something she is passionate about, and she loves working with children.  This is Mrs. Angela’s first year as our SCES cafeteria manager, and we are so pleased to have her.  She is very intentional about taking care of her lunchroom staff and all the staff members in the building. What impressed me about Mrs. Angela when she came to SCES last year as the assistant manager was her willingness to take care of her staff members on the serving line.  You will often see her asking if they need anything, even if it is just a cup of water.  Mrs. Angela’s heart, generosity, and sincerity are what makes her our All-Star Cafeteria Staff representative.


All-Star Paraprofessional – Myia Crawford

Although this is Ms. Crawford’s first year at SCES, she has made quite an impression on teachers, staff members, and students.  Her willingness to help and serve in any capacity with a positive attitude makes her stand out.  Myia is the daughter of Mr. Duane Crawford and Patricia Crawford.  She likes chicken, shopping, and spending time with her family.  She has been working in education for four years and graduated from Americus Sumter High School as a part of the 2016 State Championship Girls Basketball Team.  Ms. Crawford also has an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from South Georgia Technical College.  She attributes her success in education to love because she wants every child she teaches to feel secure and comfortable around her.  She thinks that if a child is comfortable around you, they will be able to open up more.  Ms. Crawford enjoys working in education because she wants to make an impact.  She said kids never forget a meaningful teacher who has made an impact.  Ms. Crawford chose education because she loves helping and giving back to others, so she decided to help kids learn.  Ms. Crawford is a go-getter and is doing a phenomenal job as one of our LLI paraprofessionals.  Tonight we recognize Ms. Myia Crawford as our paraprofessional representative.


All-Star Support Staff – Ms. Wanda Jordan

Ms. Wanda Jordan is the daughter of the late Mr. John Harris and Mrs. Annie Harris.  She has one son Kenneth Jordan, Jr.  She enjoys pasta, shopping, and spending time with her grandbaby and family.  She has been working for Sumter County Schools for 15 years.  Ms. Jordan, a Sumter County Comprehensive High School graduate, attributes her success to her willingness to help wherever possible. She believes each person has something unique and special to offer as a human being, and we must recognize the many gifts that have been created through GOD’s love together with each other.  She believes our SCES team has many options and great things to share with one another and references Ephesians 4:11. Since I have been an administrator at SCES, I can genuinely say Ms. Jordan is the glue that holds our family together.  There is no way the title Bookkeeper can describe all of the tasks Ms. Jordan takes on during the course of a day.  She is an interior decorator, mediator, supporter, cheerleader and friend.  You will often see Ms. Jordan in the hall walking a class to and from connections or to the bus to help out.  Her co-workers say that she is always willing to help and very supportive.  Tonight we honor Ms. Jordan as our support staff representative.


All-Star Teacher – Mrs. Kristal Minter

Mrs. Kristal Minter is the daughter of the late Rev. Michael A. Carter Sr. and Mrs. Betty Laster Carter (retired educator from Sumter County School System).  She is married to Mr. Christopher Minter and enjoys Chinese food, spending time with her husband, mother, family, friends, and shopping.  She has been an educator for 14 years and has certifications in Middle Grades Social Science, Special Education General Curriculum, and Special Education Science Cognitive.  She is a 2001 graduate of Americus High School. She also graduated from The Albany State University and Georgia Southwestern State University with Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Educational Specialist degrees. She attributes her success in education to being fair, firm, and consistent; and knowing that every child has a unique way of learning.  Mrs. Minter enjoys teaching because it allows her to build relationships with parents and students.  She stated, “I can see children grow and reach their fullest potential.”  Mrs. Minter chose education because she saw the impact her mother made on children’s lives and wanted to make an impact and leave an everlasting mark in children’s hearts.


Mrs. Minter’s co-workers state that she goes above and beyond with staff and students. She is humble and displays professionalism.  Mrs. Minter is not a “one size fits all” educator. She can give each student exactly what they need to succeed. She ensures the Special Education team is on top of paperwork and is very patient. Mr. High says Mrs. Minter is one of the best co-teachers anyone could ask for. She is well deserving of this honor. Congratulations!!!  Tonight we honor Mrs. Kristal Minter as an All-Star Teacher.


All-Star Parent Volunteer – Ms. Patricia Hill

Patricia Hill is a community volunteer and member of Good News Ministries, one of Sumter County Elementary School’s Partners in Education.  Ms. Hill has two children and three grandchildren.  She enjoys chicken and gardening. She is a 1976 graduate of Union High School.  Ms. Hill has degrees in Cosmetology, Computer Technology, and Business Administration from South Georgia Technical College.  She recently retired from the Youth Development Campus of Juvenile Justice and volunteers at the Boys and Girls Club in Plains, Ga.  Ms. Hill’s motto is “Everything will be okay!”  She enjoys working with educational organizations because she wants all students to have the same opportunities and resources as others and she enjoys helping children.  Ms. Hill dedicated her time and organizational talent to remodeling our SCES clothing closet.  Ms. Hill took all of the donated clothing items home, washed, ironed, and folded or hung them up. She arranged the clothes on hangers by size and organized the shelves and racks. We are very thankful for Ms. Hill and her passion for supporting our efforts at Sumter County Elementary School.  Thanks to her dedication and willingness to help, we now have a fully operational clothing closet at SCES.  Tonight we recognize Ms. Patricia Hill as our All-Star parent volunteer.