Sumter County election results for Nov. 8, 2022

Published 10:20 am Wednesday, November 9, 2022

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Tracy K. Hall

Final election results were in for Sumter County about 1am Wednesday morning. The results indicate approximately 55% (9,621) of voters participated. To see the results of individual precincts, you can visit

Republicans had a strong showing in the county. Republicans won all of the state races. Federally, Warnock and Bishop won the county. Locally, republican David Baldwin defeated democrat Mathis Wright for the District Four County Commissioner seat with almost 59% of the vote.

In non-partisan races, with nearly 67% of the vote over Matt Berry, Carolyn Hamilton will represent District Five on the Board of Education. Likewise, for District One, Abbis Bivins defeated Aisha Evens with a little over 66% of the vote.

There were two federal races on the ballot. For senate, Warnock garnered 51.09% to Walker’s 47.91%. The race will go to a statewide runoff as neither candidate drew 50% plus one vote to claim victory. This race had a third-party contender. For US House District Two, Bishop (D) won with close to 53% of the vote over Chris West (R). For the entire District Two, Bishop won with a little over 55%.

State races all favored the republican contender. Most notably, Brain Kemp garnered about 53% of Sumter County votes over Stacey Abrams’ nearly 46%. Statewide, Governor Kemp will serve another four years having achieved a little over 53% of the vote. Burt Jones also won Sumter County with 50% and the state as a whole with 51% for Lieutenant Governor. Brad Raffensperger won almost 52% of Sumter County’s vote for Secretary of State, while the state voted him the winner by 53%. Chris Carr will continue as Attorney General with a statewide 52% of the vote. In Sumter County he won 51% of the vote. Tyler Harper is the new Commissioner of Agriculture, earning 52% of Sumter County’s vote and 53% of the state’s. Also continuing in his position, John King will serve as Commissioner of Insurance with 52% of the county’s vote and 54% of the state’s. Richard Woods will continue to serve as State School Superintendent with 52% gathered in both Sumter County as well as the state. Commissioner of Labor will be Bruce Thompson with 50% of the vote in Sumter County and 52% of the vote in Georgia.

Under the category of “State District Offices” Mike Cheokas will continue to serve us as our representative for House District 151 having taken 50.24% of Sumter County’s vote, and 55% of the district.

Two state amendments and two referendums passed with large margins both locally and statewide.

The race for senator will take place on December 6, 2022, with early voting starting weeks prior. Please make your plans now to vote in this race between Walker and Warnock.

Much gratitude is due Randy Howard and the elections staff and the Sumter County Board of Elections for a well run election.

*Please note, unless otherwise indicated, whole percentages were rounded up or down as mathematically appropriate. To see the specific percentage, again please visit