Excerpt of Carter’s remarks on his return to Plains as a former president

Published 10:11 am Tuesday, February 21, 2023

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With the peaceful transfer of power complete, former president Jimmy Carter returned home to Plains, Georgia. At the homecoming event, he delivered remarks to the crowd. At one point, he referred to a time in his youth when he sold boiled peanuts in Plains. Below is the conclusion of his remarks.

Former President Jimmy Carter. See a related gallery of news clippings and Plains is Where Our Hearts Have Always Been by Jason Berggren.

As I left Washington, I directed as a last act as president that the lights of the Christmas tree be turned on so that we can give thanks to God for bringing our hostages [in Iran] home.

Rosalynn and I and Amy, Chip and Jack and Jeffrey, their wives, my grandchildren are all very grateful for the honor that you’ve given us to go to Washington to live in the White House for four years and to serve there under sometimes difficult circumstances, keeping our nation strong, keeping our nation at peace, binding our people together, upholding the principles and the ideals, the hopes and dreams of Americans that have always made our country great.

You’ve honored us beyond anything imaginable, as I walk the streets of this town to sell boiled peanuts to the merchants in the stores here.

And we hope forever to honor you with our lives in the years to come in being great Americans and being good Georgians and being good Sumter Countians and good residents of Plains, Ga. God bless you. We love you all.

Americus Times-Recorder, January 21, 1981, page 5

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