Celebrations of Holy Week has many offerings

Published 1:45 pm Wednesday, April 5, 2023

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Tracy K. Hall

For a Christian, this week, Holy Week, is an emotionally rich experience. Jesus’ life is worthy of being studied, meditated, shared and lived. From Palm Sunday, the Sunday before Easter, to Easter Sunday offers a unique view into the last week of Jesus’ human life. The time line of this week for Jesus the Christ is marked with a triumphant ride into Jerusalem on a donkey, an anointing by Mary of Bethany, a foot washing of his disciples, a last meal together with his friends, a betrayal, a moment of not being chosen, a brutal beating, a mockery, a crucifixion reserved for the most heinous of humanity, a new friendship with a thief, a careful instruction to his friend John and his mother Mary to enter into a loving covenant of family, a desperate call to his father, a burial in a borrowed grave, a day of silence, a witnessing of a stone rolled away and a breath taking resurrection where he has completed the redemption of human kind simply because he refused to live without us.

The days of that week are worthy of our hearts to pause. It is not an easy week to step into Jesus’ shoes. Many won’t. Many can’t. Many will only catch a glimpse. But every year during this week, just like any day of the week, there is an invitation to join him. There are options for our neighbors to sit in this week with all its emotions. Rarely do we get an opportunity to corporately gather to reflect and worship with a special leaning into this week celebrated as holy. Many churches have offered just that. A group of churches have made offerings every day this week. Some churches have independently offered an opportunity.

Calvary Episcopal Church has been offering a moment for everyday of the week. On Wednesday, April 5, 2023, there were two offerings, one a call to morning prayer and another to come partake in the Eucharist in the early evening. So at 8:00 folks found themselves offering up their worship and soaking in the words of liturgy. As part of the service there was an opportunity to partake of body and blood of Christ in remembrance of him, just like he instructed his friends on the last Passover he would spend with them. The morning time together was led by the Priest in Charge, Richard A. Nelson

Many Christians will tell you church is community. Many Christians will tell you they have found church on a front porch chatting it up with friends as they review their day and share their hearts. While Calvary offered a space complete with all the trappings of what we think of when we think of a church building, there was a simple calling to be still. In a world which quite often tells us the very worst thing we can do is be still, there are still spaces and times carved out to do just that. We call them holy. There is hope there will always be a space which calls us to simply be, and put on hold our need to do. Such was found at Calvary on a Wednesday morning.

Altar palms at Calvary in celebration of Palm Sunday Photo Credit: Geri Nelson

May we be a community who cherishes just being. May we find our spot where God Almighty simply pours out his love upon us. That is the story of Easter after all. There is nothing our God loves more than to love us. May we be wise enough to accept it.