Car Show Attracts Crowd

Published 9:55 am Monday, August 28, 2023

A variety of cars, trucks, and motorcycles filled the fairground on Saturday, and devoted spectators roamed the field and the covered concession stand despite intense heat. A DJ blasted beats over the speaker system between announcements, keeping the crowd entertained while contestants showed off their cars.
Joey Recker, one of the organizers, listed a range of categories including best squat and best jeep among several others.
“We’ve got quite a few categories, and we’re going to add more next year, best off-road vehicle, we’re going to add a muddiest vehicle.”
There were also several prizes given away.
“When you pay to enter the show, you get raffle tickets.”
A line of cars made their way to the concession stand where judges placed a small device into the cars that was hooked up to a meter. Contestants were instructed to close their windows while their speakers vibrated.
Mr. Rucker described the process.
“We put a DV meter in, that measures the level on your base.”
He said they were also testing sound quality out in the field, but unlike the base test the windows and doors were open.
When asked which car he thought was most interesting, Mr. Rucker pointed out a Mercedes owned by William Sandefur the third. Mr. Sandefur described his ride when interviewed.
“It is the 78 Mercedes W123. It is practically unkillable.”
The vehicle doors and hood were open, showcasing it’s unique features.
“It’s about eighty-five percent original and then it’s got custom interior, custom suspension.”
Mr. Sandefur described finding the vehicle two months prior in Warner Robbins.
“I didn’t expect to find it, and it found me.”
Mr. Sandefur described having an early passion for cars.
“I wanted to collect cars ever since I came out of the womb.”
He mentioned being new to car shows.
“This is my first one, and I plan to win it.”
Another contestant, Xiaver Jackon, brought an 08 Chevy Avalanche and a 2019 SS Camaro. He was also a first-time car show participant.
“I’ve been loving cars ever since I was a little bitty boy. I love big rims, loud music, and candy paint.”
Mason Bryan, another contestant, described his ride.
“Mine’s the black and red Silverado.”
He mentioned the first time he participated in a car show.
“Probably back in 2017, 2018.”
“I’ve always taken my Silverado.”
Timothy Sims, another contestant, pointed out his black BMW 228. He described his favorite part of the ride.
“The way it drives, the suspension on it, it’s really smooth handling.”
He mentioned some of the most interesting parts of the car show.
“Some of the squat vehicles, the speakers contest.”
The top three in Best of Show were Bradley Davis placing third, Kenny Wilkerson Jr. placing second, and Sack Wichaisack placing first. When interviewed, Mr. Wichaisack talked about his massive ride and posed for a picture beside it.
“It’s a 96 F350 with a power stroke. It’s got a 24-inch lift with 46-inch tires, so it’s pretty big.”
He described the effort that had gone into winning.
“It was a lot of time, a lot of effort, a lot of money.”