Mayoral Candidate Brandon Gross Discusses Transparency and Revitalization

Published 9:54 pm Thursday, August 31, 2023

Mayoral candidate Brandon Gross recently gave an interview outlining his platform. He described his view of the health of Andersonville.
“Andersonville is a small close-knit community. The politically advantageous thing for me to do is harp on the negative aspects of our town, but if we are being honest Andersonville is a great little town with a rich historical heritage. There are aspects of the city that could benefit from change, but this town is where I am choosing to raise my kids and I think that Andersonville is a great place to do that.”
He did mentioned a few things he would be willing to alter.
“Despite not having a vote on the council, my goal is to serve the needs of our citizens and champion the wishes of our community.
I would like to see more transparency with our city spending and would push to not have any more increases in utility fees like gas and water, without clear documentation and justification.
I would like us to pursue more grants to work towards beautifying the city and cut spending where we can to make sure Andersonville is a great place to live. Many of our residents are on a fixed income, and in today’s economy, it is difficult enough to make ends meet without large utility price hikes.”
He mentioned that infrastructure was also a concern.
“Our infrastructure could really use some work, and again I do not wish to make any empty promises, but this is an area where we could improve. We do not have city taxes, and I do not want to pay city taxes. If elected mayor, I would like to find places where we can tighten our fiscal belt and look for additional state and federal grants that may be able to help us improve our city.”
Mr. Gross described his view of the recent changes in Andersonville.
“A few years ago Andersonville adopted most, if not all, of the same codes as Americus, and since then Council has been working with our town’s Judge to find the best way to enact and enforce these new codes. As Mayor, I would not have the power to change these codes, but I would try to be a voice for citizens who think particular codes are too strict, are not strict enough, or aren’t being enforced properly.”
When asked if there were any issues he was particularly concerned with, he mentioned crime.
“The City has been working with the local authorities to try and deal with some of our crime issues. As Mayor, I would pursue funds to start back our night security program and work with local authorities to look for additional strategies to make Andersonville an even safer place to live.”
Mr. Gross also described plans to reap more benefits from the city’s proximity to the Andersonville National Historic Site.
“I would like us to work closer with the park and have our downtown ready for business particularly when the park has its larger events. I have discussed Andersonville National Historic Site’s plans with Gia Wagner to revitalize their historic landscapes, and I think that we could work with the park to parrot those efforts by adding some historic plantings around Andersonville. I would also like for Andersonville to put in a Small Native Pollinator Garden so we can be part of the Rosalyn Carter Butterfly Trail.”
He ended by stating what made him qualified to be the next mayor of Andersonville.
“Our mayor pro tem Ms. Coley has made an effort to give every citizen and employee a voice at our city meetings. I would like to continue this tradition by allowing citizens to voice issues and request changes. As a veteran, a teacher, and a father my life has been about service and now I want to serve the town of Andersonville as its next mayor.”